Friday, November 1, 2013



My wife and I went to an IHOP for breakfast
Once again the Lord’s timing was impeccable
Not only did we get to enjoying a great meal but
The conversations that ensued were delectable

The first was the waitress that took our order
Who admired my Star of David with a dove
It turned out that she was a Messianic Jew
Looking for a Messianic Congregation full of love

Then I heard some Spiritual conversation from the back
A group of men were having a biblical discussion
I introduced myself to them as a Messianic Jew
I’m thankful that they spoke English and not Russian

I invited them to come enjoy their Spiritual Roots
And gave them a card to my Spiritual Poetry site
The Lord had put people in my path to minister to
Then one last thing happened making the trifecta right

I met a young man who also worked at the restaurant
He’d undergone a great deal of trials and tribulations
Turning his life around he wrote hip hop Spiritual poetry
God used this to calm and change all of his frustrations

The Lord puts people in our lives for a good many reasons
In my case as a vessel He lets me know what people need
The three sets of people that I met already knew the Lord but
Each time I was led to plant a different kind of Spiritual Seed

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