Sunday, June 26, 2011



Jew and Gentile worshiping together
With but one common goal
To acknowledge our God and Messiah
Whose Holy Name we must extol

When Yeshua returns to bring us home
No longer will there be wars or strife
But a mansion in God's Kingdom
Where our souls will know eternal life

Preparation for this glorious end time begins with
Setting examples in all that you say think and do
And also by following the laws that God decreed
For as long and as much as you are able

When the time of the Lord's Glory is at hand
Rejoice for you will see Him face to face
And the peace He brings to the whole world
Will be shown with abundant love and grace



My first is to the God of all creation
Who I will always love and obey
He also should be your number one
If not you can change all that today

For without God we would not have
All of the things that are to follow
Our lives would be like a bitter pill
Which would be very hard to swallow

But because of God’s only Son
Whose blood cleansed all of sin
Eternal life is yours if you profess Him
The key to heaven’s gate that lets you in

Priority number two goes to my family
My wife children and grandchildren too
God has set all of these priorities in order
His blessings abound if you will too

Then comes number three which is to myself
It is to keep a healthy body and clean mind
While spreading the good news of Messiah
To all non believers throughout mankind

The fourth is to be thankful for my job
But because of the fact that I’m retired
I volunteer whenever and wherever I can
Without question this is spiritually inspired

And the very last one is to my congregation
Where I will serve in whatever way I can
I show myself friendly to all who are visitors
A blessing given to me by the Son of man

God says that this is not a test or quiz
But are your priorities the same as His
If not you need to be asking why not of
God your Father who will be was and is

Sunday, June 19, 2011



I am a Jewish Believer in Yeshua
I also happen to be legally blind
So I read my bible on the computer
Seeing the follies existing in mankind

Whether you call it fact or call it theory
If you’re a believer you know what I mean
The end of end days is drawing nearer
And the Lord’s Revelation is being seen

Many predictions written in the bible
Started happening over sixty years ago
Things have gotten even more intense
Especially in the last few years or so

I shouldn’t have to tell you what they are
You’ve heard or read about them every day
God knows exactly when that day will come
The only recourse we have is to kneel and pray

For even as believers we still commit sin every day
And yet we’re forgiven by the blood of God’s Son
Confess your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness
To receive Mercy and Grace from the Holy One

When the day comes that Messiah returns
He will judge us by our unselfish deeds
Our faith and redemption got us this far and
Then for eternity God will fulfill all our needs



When we first met through the internet
You said that I could look into your eyes
At the time I was pursuing someone else
I didn’t know that I was in for a big surprise

I told you that you’d hear from me
If who I was pursuing didn’t work out
It didn’t so I decided to call you back
That’s what these single sites are all about

As I perceive it we clicked instantly
There were so many reasons why
The next day you came to visit me
And I said that we should give it a try

There is no question in my mind
That the decision was no mistake
Since I was looking for a relationship
The final choice was yours to make

If the two of us can grow together
In our love of God as well as in life
The next thing that I’d ask you is
Would you honor me and be my wife

Until then and throughout our lifetime
I know that I’ll always be there for you
Just by looking at the smile on your face
I know that you will be there for me too

Time has passed since we connected
And to this day we’re of one accord
Not only do we love each other deeply
We both passionately love the Lord

Sunday, June 12, 2011



The word brittle in the dictionary is defined
As something that can easily be broken
It can be equated to many different things
Like your feelings when harsh words are spoken

If you are the one who caused it
You need to have a contrite spirit
Apologize and make things right
And when you do must really mean it

God made you both strong and brittle
In body and mind so that He could mold you
He also chose to make you in His image
His Holiness will see the process through

The body of God’s Son was brittle
As Yeshua hung on that tree of sacrifice
His death is the reason for your salvation
And your free pass to join God in paradise

But there is only one way for this to happen
If you profess Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
Confessing sorrow for your sinful ways
Brings enormous changes in your spiritual behavior

Now you’ll think twice before speaking harsh words
You’ll be there to support those in need
Because you heard God’s message and repented
Your body mind and soul have now been freed



You may not believe that this is true
But we commit sin every day of our life
The devil’s name for this is temptation
He delights in filling your days with strife

Gluttony stealing and sex outside marriage
Are just a few of the sins that I’ll mention
You’ve probably thought of many others
So I guess that I’ve gotten your attention

Your life will never be free of sin
That distinction belongs to only one
Coming from the bloodline of King David
It is Messiah Yeshua who is God’s Son

Holy and pure as the whiteness of snow
He was God’s only perfect lamb
Whose shed blood cleansed all believers of sin
Sanctified for the Great I Am

So think about what you say or do
Live your daily life the way God Commands
If you can do this to the best of your ability
It is a plus in you life for what God has planned

For now He sits at God’s Right Hand and
On God’s appointed day Messiah will return
Riding on a cloud from the Eastern sky
A day for which all believers yearn

Saturday, June 4, 2011





In the beginning of time God created
Heaven and earth and everything therein
And when He created man and woman
His plan was to make them free of sin

Soon after this satan reared his ugly head
Which resulted in an extreme upheaval
Adam and Eve ate fruit from the forbidden tree
The tree which contained both good and evil

On and on throughout the course of time and history
Whatever God set in motion satan sought to destroy
After so many times of having been defeated
You’d think he’d learn not to mess with Adonai

But like a bad penny he keeps popping up
Creating havoc to edify his own reputation
And that is why God gave us His only Son
Whose sacrificed blood would bring Salvation

Although sin still continues to this very day
Yeshua is the antidote that destroys satan’s grip
One day the Lord will return triumphantly
Destroying satan forever sending him on his final trip



I ask little or nothing for myself
When I go to the Lord in prayer
For my future is already planned
Wherever I am God is also there

I always bless and praise God
And intercede for those in need
Their futures have been planned as well
Unless God changes what He has decreed

If God decides that it’s time to call us home
To His Heavenly Kingdom up above
It’s because we’ve been given a higher purpose
And He has done this with abiding love

Should this be what God has decided
Loved ones will shed tears of sorrow
But they’ll be reunited once again
Somewhere in the future of tomorrow

However If what I’ve prayed for does get answered
Praise God for all of the things that He has done
Our earthly mission has not yet been completed
Until the day we are greeted by God’s only Son

Yeshua sacrificed His life without hesitation and
Salvation came to believers that absolves all sins
And righteousness determines if you’re first or last
From the very first day that your eternal life begins