Saturday, February 23, 2013



Thank you Lord for the love you give me
Even though at times I’ve committed sin
The blood You sacrificed has cleansed me
To thank You for this where do I begin

I know that I should start this process
By thinking before I act on many things
I know you love me but not some things I do
And that’s the blessing that Salvation brings
Another way that I can change my ways
Is by seeing that Your Word is spread
In the words Your Holy Spirit gives me
From all of my poetry which gets read

If there is more that You want me to do
I’m sure you will let me know somehow
For now thanks for all You do for me
In the past in the future and even now



There are many things that I could write about
But I’m probably only going to cover just a few
Then after reading about my American dream
Perhaps you may need to decide how you feel too

I’m a first generation American citizen
Who Enjoy living in the land that I love
I’ve sworn an allegiance to my country
But first and foremost to my God above

I completed a military obligation
Serving in my county’s Air Force
I considered it more an honor and
A privilege than a duty of course

Returning to the job where I worked before
Thanks to a law which congress had  passed
Life was good but I sensed a need for change
Marriage then children but would it all last

Some thirty five years later the answer came
I was single once again and living on my own
But the Lord had a much different plan for me
He knew that I didn’t need to be living alone

I am now part of the growing senior community
But the Lord again would be changing my life
Letting me finally get it right this time around
He saw fit to pair me with a very Godly wife

I’ve written an integral part of my life’s story
Even though I’ve gotten slightly off the track
The statement I made is that I’m an American
Let me say a few last things as I take you back

With some of the things that are going on in our country now
Like controlling private live and our government as well
I believe that the Lord will not tolerate what is happening
I feel that God won’t let my America become a living hell

We the People must alter the course which we’re on now
By changing this great country back to a Godly nation
The bible is clear about those who are disobedient to God
They will face devastation destruction and annihilation

Lord will You please help the U.S.A.
Lord will You please save the U.S.A.
Lord will You please Bless the U.S.A.
And do it with a sense of urgency today

Saturday, February 16, 2013


     This week’s 2nd poem, titled: UNSOCIAL MEDIA, will be quite lengthy. Because of its title, I had quite a bit to say about it.
I also believe that it warrants a response from my readers as well, as to whether you agree with my view on the subject or not and why. 
     Enter your opinions in the comment section below the poem or to me personally (with the poem title in the subject matter) at: joels30144@



Let me ask you a personal question
Would you forsake the ones you love
If not allow me to rephrase the question
Why do so many forsake the Lord above

There’s more than one way that it happens
First many don’t believe who the Lord is
Even believers desecrate His Holy Name
Not understanding that final judgment is His

But the Lord is full of compassion
If you repent and confess your sins
He allows your slate to be wiped clean
At that point your renewed life begins

If you think first before you act
Satan can’t get the upper hand
When your walk is in Gods’ ways
The devil won’t ever understand

That doesn’t mean he will not keep trying
Satan can’t comprehend the meaning of no
By walking God’s straight and narrow path
His Spirit within you will continue to grow

When your time here on earth has ended
I know you’d rather be in a better place
Than to have to wallow in the pit of hell
In heaven you can see Yeshua face to face


Social media has become a necessary evil
Due to living in today’s society as a whole
It’s useful to receive helpful information but
The junk that’s written plays a different roll

Why do I need to know that you’re going to bed
Or what a great word you made playing a game
These examples are mild in comparison to some
Many say things that may put others to shame

We’ve progressed into an era of modern electronics
All types of phones and computers that communicate
Can’t they air their dirty laundry to just one person
Why do so many need to know what’s on another’s plate

Is social media a wrench in the devil’s tool box
Bible scripture says that it looks to be the case
Satan wants to replace the Lord so badly that
He’s willing to sacrifice the entire human race

Whereas God is about love for everything that He created
Abhorring perversions such as pride arrogance and greed
If you give yourself a little time to think about this scenario
I myself pick God’s path it’s the only one that I’ll ever need

I must admit that I’m somewhat guilty
I’d write about sports teams that I view
About the bad decisions that they  and
What they should do to correct them too

As I said I feel like I’m somewhat guilty
I also posted things about my poetry site
Like the number of countries or viewers
But I believed that what I did was all right

I was showing the world what God had done
To advance the purpose of my poetic ministry
His is the Glory deserving of Praise and Honor
I’m just a vessel who is blessed that God uses me           

My wife still uses social media but not for gossip etc.
She uses it to gain and pass on helpful information
As a woman and mother it’s like second nature to her to
Tell family and friends of her concerns and compassion

Since I decided to end my time on that type of network
She’ll posts the good that God is doing through my site
I guess it’s more about using the tools that God gave you
Knowing what the difference is between wrong and right

If we want to use social media as a tool to make a difference
Perhaps creating a site called “Faithbook” would do well
It’s an idea that the Lord asked me to consider  undertaking
What’s your opinion on whether or not the concept would sell

So much for my poetic rhetoric on unsocial media
Now please tell me if you agree or disagree and why
Tomorrow it will still be out there for you to discern
But since I no longer go there I won’t even have to try                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday, February 15, 2013


         I've noticed over time that some people who view my poetry, do so by going to various search engines to find what they're looking for. Some of these search engines have poems that I've written up to 3 years ago. What people need to do is just go directly to  This will take them to the site with completely updated poetry where I post 2 new poems either on Saturday or Sunday. They can always look through the archivesm both to the right of the current posting or near the bottom of the page
       Also a reminder: If you have  or had any family in the Marines & would like to make them a gift of this poem which is printed  and laminated suitable for an 8x10 frame., It's not expensive. Just send me the information that I requested.

Thursday, February 14, 2013



Do you know that you’re God’s Valentine
The Lord will love you through eternity
Just look at the ultimate sacrifice He made
To absolve your sins and to set you free

Just like a parent who gives birth to a child
Father God in His Own Image created you
Do you give thanks to Him on a daily basis
If not it’s something you really need to do

The Lord will always there at your beck and call
Your best interest is something He alone knows
And as you mature in your wisdom and faith
God knows your love for Him constantly grows

This is God’s Valentine card sent just for you
Through me who is a vessel for God’s Glory
Please send one back to Him in your prayers
God’s Love for you is a never ending story

Saturday, February 9, 2013



I’d like to clear up a few details
In regard to my poetic ministry
Its purpose is to pass on to you word
Which the Holy Spirit has given me

What you see here is basic information
I don’t quote bible scriptures very much
I try using them as practical applications
As a way to help keep your soul in touch

Within the framework of scripture verses
Are God’s Do’s and Don’ts for daily living
He tells us to apply them as they’re needed
It will bless both your receiving and giving

I will relate the information leading to Salvation
It’s the key to understanding what’s in the bible
I know you understand that the Lord loves you but
He tells you there are things for which you’re liable

I hope the explanation of what you’re reading
Has helped everyone to understand my intention
I’m a vessel leading to the ultimate resolution
Your final solution is the Lord’s intervention

If you enjoy the way I present these poems
Please tell others to visit my site and read
I’ll offer my assistance however the Lord leads me
To show them that God is all that they’ll ever need



I’m blessed to be able to pass on through verse
The importance of sermons which I’ve heard
It will help you to have better understanding
Of the contents that is written in God’s Word

The visiting rabbi who was the speaker
Talked about his completion as a Jew
Using the word Completion not Salvation
It’s a term that I’ll try to explain to you

In one sense it is a Salvation with a twist
God chose the Jew to be His Inheritance
God grafted in Gentiles who share this
To live within His nations in total confidence

There were consequences when they disobeyed
God scattered His People throughout the earth
Just like you would punish a disobedient child
You still love them know how much that’s worth

The Lord is a forgiving God if the Jew chooses to repent
Slowly but surely He’s bringing them back to their land
He will never go back on His Word or His Promises
God cannot lie so it’s exactly how He had it planned

Then the rabbi talked about the Abrahamic Covenant
And why any replacement theology is the devil’s tool
The Jew disobeyed so God now loves the church instead
If you believe that lie then God says that you’re a fool

God told Abraham that He’d curse those who cursed the Jews
And He would bless the people who would bless them as well
Over the Jew’s entire existence this has always been the case
It’s how God uses the positive and negative as show and tell

Next what the rabbi told us about was along the same lines
This is the Word of God given and written to and for Jews
The Gentile believer was grafted into both of the Covenants
If you deny this I give you three guesses as to who will lose

Even the apostle Paul who was the disciple to the Gentile
Scripture shows that he always went to the synagogue first
This is exactly what the Lord commanded in the Scriptures
Then to the Greek to satisfy their Spiritual hunger and thirst

As messianic Jewish Believers in Yeshua the Messiah
We’re called to seek out the Jew for their Completion
As well as anyone else who would take that step of faith
Being a Spiritual poet I haven’t the least bit of hesitation

 I haven’t mentioned much about Messiah and the gospel
You’ve read these facts of reality now what will you do
It’s a Gentiles job to spur the unbelieving Jew to jealousy
Either way whatever is decided is between God and you

Saturday, February 2, 2013



Whatever time that I have left on earth
Though it’s only partially in my control
I‘m consumed in what God wants of me
Until my last day when He calls my Soul

As just one of God’s multitude of Vessels
Each spreads the Good News differently
The one common goal which we all have is
Your Salvation which sets your Spirit free

If you don’t know the definition of Salvation
I’ll attempt to explain what it means for you
It starts with a blood atonement for your sins
God said to be sin free it’s what you need to do

It was written in the Old Testament or Covenant
Where God showed us the way that we need to live
If we follow these Commandments that He provide
God made a promised to us that He would forgive

But not all of God’s People would be obedient to Him
So He provide another covenant that He declared New
This covenant which was written by His Jewish Disciples
Is a lasting one written for both the Gentile and the Jew

God’s Prophets in the bible foretold of Messiah coming
God’s Son who would become a final atonement to sinning
Like Father God the Lord’s Life was meant to be emulated
His Blood would be an atone from the Lord’s very beginning

The prime reason that God put this into motion was
Because of the adversary who wanted God’s Power
He’ll continually attempts to make your lives ungodly
But the Covering will protect you into your final hour

I’ve kind of gone over some very basic knowledge
There are many things that you still need to learn
I can help you as many others of God’s Flock can
The power is in exactly just how much you yearn



I have this thing that keeps gnawing at my brain
I just can’t seem to explain the reason as a whole
Sometimes I forget to see it in the proper prospective
Knowing whatever the reason that God is in control

And yet the Lord keeps these thoughts lingering
Such as facts that might help my ministry grow
That’s where my viewers come into the picture
I’d like your thoughts in the comment slot below

Please let me know if God’s Word is getting through
My aim is Salvation as well as to help the bereaved
All I’d like to know from those who view the blog
Is whether my poetic prayers are being received

If you can answer my question with a defining yes
Then there’s just one more favor that I would ask
Please pass this Godly Ministry throughout the globe
My prayer is that each one of you is up to the task

God’s Spirit has shown that I’m not alone in my quest
Every Believer is a vessel being put to use by the Lord
To that end we must be diligent and obey God’s Word
It’s the way that He sees His Flock to be of one accord