Saturday, February 23, 2013



There are many things that I could write about
But I’m probably only going to cover just a few
Then after reading about my American dream
Perhaps you may need to decide how you feel too

I’m a first generation American citizen
Who Enjoy living in the land that I love
I’ve sworn an allegiance to my country
But first and foremost to my God above

I completed a military obligation
Serving in my county’s Air Force
I considered it more an honor and
A privilege than a duty of course

Returning to the job where I worked before
Thanks to a law which congress had  passed
Life was good but I sensed a need for change
Marriage then children but would it all last

Some thirty five years later the answer came
I was single once again and living on my own
But the Lord had a much different plan for me
He knew that I didn’t need to be living alone

I am now part of the growing senior community
But the Lord again would be changing my life
Letting me finally get it right this time around
He saw fit to pair me with a very Godly wife

I’ve written an integral part of my life’s story
Even though I’ve gotten slightly off the track
The statement I made is that I’m an American
Let me say a few last things as I take you back

With some of the things that are going on in our country now
Like controlling private live and our government as well
I believe that the Lord will not tolerate what is happening
I feel that God won’t let my America become a living hell

We the People must alter the course which we’re on now
By changing this great country back to a Godly nation
The bible is clear about those who are disobedient to God
They will face devastation destruction and annihilation

Lord will You please help the U.S.A.
Lord will You please save the U.S.A.
Lord will You please Bless the U.S.A.
And do it with a sense of urgency today

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