Saturday, February 16, 2013


Social media has become a necessary evil
Due to living in today’s society as a whole
It’s useful to receive helpful information but
The junk that’s written plays a different roll

Why do I need to know that you’re going to bed
Or what a great word you made playing a game
These examples are mild in comparison to some
Many say things that may put others to shame

We’ve progressed into an era of modern electronics
All types of phones and computers that communicate
Can’t they air their dirty laundry to just one person
Why do so many need to know what’s on another’s plate

Is social media a wrench in the devil’s tool box
Bible scripture says that it looks to be the case
Satan wants to replace the Lord so badly that
He’s willing to sacrifice the entire human race

Whereas God is about love for everything that He created
Abhorring perversions such as pride arrogance and greed
If you give yourself a little time to think about this scenario
I myself pick God’s path it’s the only one that I’ll ever need

I must admit that I’m somewhat guilty
I’d write about sports teams that I view
About the bad decisions that they  and
What they should do to correct them too

As I said I feel like I’m somewhat guilty
I also posted things about my poetry site
Like the number of countries or viewers
But I believed that what I did was all right

I was showing the world what God had done
To advance the purpose of my poetic ministry
His is the Glory deserving of Praise and Honor
I’m just a vessel who is blessed that God uses me           

My wife still uses social media but not for gossip etc.
She uses it to gain and pass on helpful information
As a woman and mother it’s like second nature to her to
Tell family and friends of her concerns and compassion

Since I decided to end my time on that type of network
She’ll posts the good that God is doing through my site
I guess it’s more about using the tools that God gave you
Knowing what the difference is between wrong and right

If we want to use social media as a tool to make a difference
Perhaps creating a site called “Faithbook” would do well
It’s an idea that the Lord asked me to consider  undertaking
What’s your opinion on whether or not the concept would sell

So much for my poetic rhetoric on unsocial media
Now please tell me if you agree or disagree and why
Tomorrow it will still be out there for you to discern
But since I no longer go there I won’t even have to try                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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