Saturday, February 9, 2013



I’d like to clear up a few details
In regard to my poetic ministry
Its purpose is to pass on to you word
Which the Holy Spirit has given me

What you see here is basic information
I don’t quote bible scriptures very much
I try using them as practical applications
As a way to help keep your soul in touch

Within the framework of scripture verses
Are God’s Do’s and Don’ts for daily living
He tells us to apply them as they’re needed
It will bless both your receiving and giving

I will relate the information leading to Salvation
It’s the key to understanding what’s in the bible
I know you understand that the Lord loves you but
He tells you there are things for which you’re liable

I hope the explanation of what you’re reading
Has helped everyone to understand my intention
I’m a vessel leading to the ultimate resolution
Your final solution is the Lord’s intervention

If you enjoy the way I present these poems
Please tell others to visit my site and read
I’ll offer my assistance however the Lord leads me
To show them that God is all that they’ll ever need

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