Saturday, February 2, 2013



Whatever time that I have left on earth
Though it’s only partially in my control
I‘m consumed in what God wants of me
Until my last day when He calls my Soul

As just one of God’s multitude of Vessels
Each spreads the Good News differently
The one common goal which we all have is
Your Salvation which sets your Spirit free

If you don’t know the definition of Salvation
I’ll attempt to explain what it means for you
It starts with a blood atonement for your sins
God said to be sin free it’s what you need to do

It was written in the Old Testament or Covenant
Where God showed us the way that we need to live
If we follow these Commandments that He provide
God made a promised to us that He would forgive

But not all of God’s People would be obedient to Him
So He provide another covenant that He declared New
This covenant which was written by His Jewish Disciples
Is a lasting one written for both the Gentile and the Jew

God’s Prophets in the bible foretold of Messiah coming
God’s Son who would become a final atonement to sinning
Like Father God the Lord’s Life was meant to be emulated
His Blood would be an atone from the Lord’s very beginning

The prime reason that God put this into motion was
Because of the adversary who wanted God’s Power
He’ll continually attempts to make your lives ungodly
But the Covering will protect you into your final hour

I’ve kind of gone over some very basic knowledge
There are many things that you still need to learn
I can help you as many others of God’s Flock can
The power is in exactly just how much you yearn

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