Saturday, February 9, 2013



I’m blessed to be able to pass on through verse
The importance of sermons which I’ve heard
It will help you to have better understanding
Of the contents that is written in God’s Word

The visiting rabbi who was the speaker
Talked about his completion as a Jew
Using the word Completion not Salvation
It’s a term that I’ll try to explain to you

In one sense it is a Salvation with a twist
God chose the Jew to be His Inheritance
God grafted in Gentiles who share this
To live within His nations in total confidence

There were consequences when they disobeyed
God scattered His People throughout the earth
Just like you would punish a disobedient child
You still love them know how much that’s worth

The Lord is a forgiving God if the Jew chooses to repent
Slowly but surely He’s bringing them back to their land
He will never go back on His Word or His Promises
God cannot lie so it’s exactly how He had it planned

Then the rabbi talked about the Abrahamic Covenant
And why any replacement theology is the devil’s tool
The Jew disobeyed so God now loves the church instead
If you believe that lie then God says that you’re a fool

God told Abraham that He’d curse those who cursed the Jews
And He would bless the people who would bless them as well
Over the Jew’s entire existence this has always been the case
It’s how God uses the positive and negative as show and tell

Next what the rabbi told us about was along the same lines
This is the Word of God given and written to and for Jews
The Gentile believer was grafted into both of the Covenants
If you deny this I give you three guesses as to who will lose

Even the apostle Paul who was the disciple to the Gentile
Scripture shows that he always went to the synagogue first
This is exactly what the Lord commanded in the Scriptures
Then to the Greek to satisfy their Spiritual hunger and thirst

As messianic Jewish Believers in Yeshua the Messiah
We’re called to seek out the Jew for their Completion
As well as anyone else who would take that step of faith
Being a Spiritual poet I haven’t the least bit of hesitation

 I haven’t mentioned much about Messiah and the gospel
You’ve read these facts of reality now what will you do
It’s a Gentiles job to spur the unbelieving Jew to jealousy
Either way whatever is decided is between God and you

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