Thursday, March 31, 2016



At the very moment of my darkest hour oh Lord
It looked like I had reached the end of my rope
I clung to You in prayer with all of my strength
For You are my Salvation and in you there is hope

My prayers were answered just as You promised
By faith You have helped me turn my life around
I had no doubts or fears when I sought Your help oh L-rd
For I knew that on the rock I am planted in solid ground

You gave your life to absolve me of my sins and now
In You my past troubles are no longer even a memory
Here and now I will forever be Your faithful servant
Let Your Holy Spirit tell me what I can do for Three

Return soon Lord and bring us Your Shalom
Then lead us to Your Kingdom of Eternal Life
To abide in mansions that You have provided
Where tranquility replaces all illness and strife 



It was the very last game of the season
For Yeshiva College's blue and white
They were playing Messiah College
Whose players all walk in God's Light

It has been a long time rivalry
Since the first time that they met
Each trying to prove who's really right
But Yeshiva College has not won yet

They played each other very tough
As the first half came to a close
Then the rabbis gave their pep talk
What they said Go only knows

The score remained zero-zero as
The Final minutes were fleeting by
Then Messiah College kicked a field goal
And the home crowd breathed with a sigh

Yeshiva's halfback took the final kickoff
And behind his blockers he began to run
Evading tackles and scoring a touchdown but
It was not over yet for the saga had just begun

"Hooray for the football hero," he thought
"The man who had saved Yeshiva's day"
Then as he turned toward the cheering crowd
He know that he had run the opposite way

Quite obviously he and his teammates still did not get it
For if they had accepted Yeshua who died for their sins
It would not have mattered what the final score was because
By professing Him as their Jewish Messiah everybody wins

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Looking back I have only fond memories of Natalie
From the very first day that she breathed life
I knew that she would accomplish so much
Even before she became a mother and wife

She was an extremely happy baby
Something she lived throughout her life
One of her greatest accomplishments was
That she became an awesome mother and wife

But I’m getting way ahead of myself
As she grew older she made many friends
Some would be there for a little while
And some a friendship that never ends

She learned so much before she started school
Her teachers were amazed from day one
My wife and I planned to have another child
I prayed that it would be a son

Then we had another beautiful daughter
Nat took her under her wings
Always being the big sister
She taught her so many things

In high school Natalie did very well
She would even excelled in drama
But whenever she needed good advice
She would always ask her mama

I was always there to support what she did
She made the both of us so very proud
We would sing her praises every day
And even boasted about her very loud.

Then came the day when she started college
She wanted to teach and make a difference
She wanted to become a principal
Using her knowledge and common sense

In that time Nat would find happiness in marriage
She and her husband raise a beautiful family
Two sons and a daughter that made us very proud
What else could she accomplish that we didn’t see

She eventually became a grade school principal
Achieving everything that she could be
But somewhere in that space of time
Was something that none of us could foresee

In the end although there is much sadness
And only God knows why she took her life
I still have the fondest memories of my Nat
A Beautiful daughter mother and loving wife

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