Thursday, March 31, 2016



It was the very last game of the season
For Yeshiva College's blue and white
They were playing Messiah College
Whose players all walk in God's Light

It has been a long time rivalry
Since the first time that they met
Each trying to prove who's really right
But Yeshiva College has not won yet

They played each other very tough
As the first half came to a close
Then the rabbis gave their pep talk
What they said Go only knows

The score remained zero-zero as
The Final minutes were fleeting by
Then Messiah College kicked a field goal
And the home crowd breathed with a sigh

Yeshiva's halfback took the final kickoff
And behind his blockers he began to run
Evading tackles and scoring a touchdown but
It was not over yet for the saga had just begun

"Hooray for the football hero," he thought
"The man who had saved Yeshiva's day"
Then as he turned toward the cheering crowd
He know that he had run the opposite way

Quite obviously he and his teammates still did not get it
For if they had accepted Yeshua who died for their sins
It would not have mattered what the final score was because
By professing Him as their Jewish Messiah everybody wins

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