Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hallelujah praise the Lord
Give Glory to the King of Kings
Through Him the deamons die and all's forgiven
He is the joy that salvation brings

Hallelujah praise the Lord
He died so that we may live
Eternal life with God in heaven
This gift is only His to give

Hallelujah praise the Lord
Now He sits at God the Father's side
And the only thing that keeps you from Him
Is your stubborn and foolish pride

Hallelujah praise the Lord
God will always let you change your mind
Profess Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
And leave your sinful ways behind



The tree of life has many branches
All of which do not bear fruits
The foundation of this magnificent tree
Stans on its Jewish roots

Each one of the fruits it bears believe
That Yeshua is the Son of God and man
And even the branches that are withered
Are not yet dead and they still can

The only path to God the Father
Is through His Son who bore your sins
When you profess Him as Messih
A dead branch sprouts anew and eternal life begins

Do not choose to let the branch wither
You can change your life today
A branch that blossoms leads to heaven
One that withers goes the other way

Sunday, February 20, 2011



Yeshua is the living God
The Son that the Father did ordain
Messiah and King of Israel
Who was crucified and rose again

The Sacrifice Lamb who took on
The burden of sin for all
Those who accept Him as Lord may stumble
But Yeshua will catch them before they fall

Unbelievers on the other hand
Still mock and curse His name
When God the Father removes their blinders
I guarantee their lives will never be the same

From the remnant of The Way
Until the day of Yeshua’s return
We all need to read the Word of God
There is so much more that we need to learn

Only through Yeshua can we reach God the Father
Profess Him as your Lord and Savior this very day
If you don’t when you arrive at the pearly gates
You’ll find that pride has sent you the other way



There are still people who deny the Holocaust
For God has hardened their hearts and minds
You could show them facts that are undisputable
But prejudice arrogance and ignorance keep them blind

Yet you must always try to reach them
For if you persevere and reach just one
They’ll be able to deny these facts no longer
And kindle a relationship with God’s Son

Yeshua died on a tree for each of us
Don’t let His death be in vain
Because He has brought salvation into the world
People will understand these two words NEVER AGAIN

Every day of every year people need to know
Of these tools of satan and their ruthless acts
Stand up no matter what the consequences
And let the whole world know all of the facts

This will not make you very popular
You may even suffer for your stand
But just by telling it like it is
You are a vital part within God’s plan

For in the end God wants to welcome
Those who have seen the truth that day
Through them He will not let this happen again
Because the Lord is the truth light and the way

Sunday, February 13, 2011



We all have had a special valentine
At some point in our life
It might have been a girl or boyfriend
A mother father husband or a wife

We love them dearly for who they are
Or perhaps for something they have done
My Valentine for this and every year
Goes to Yeshua and the victory that He won

He gave His life to save ours
By taking on our sins
When we profess Him as our Lord
Our journey to eternal life begins

So on this day when we remember
All of the people that we love
Be sure to give a special Valentine Praise
To Messiah and to Father God above



If you’ve been snubbed by someone
How does it make you feel
I hope that you’ll take Yeshua’s advice
Which is to keep it real

He said to even love your enemy
And to turn the other cheek
If you learn nothing else from this
It’s sound advice that you need to seek

Just what good does it do
If you harbor some resentment
On the other hand however
Compassion will bring you contentment

Since God forgives your transgressions
Do you think that you could any less
The Lord sees the way you handle it
And the right way He will bless

Sunday, February 6, 2011



Behold the maker of heaven and earth
“I am the Lord your God, said He,
I am a compassionate but a jealous God;
You shall have no other gods but Me.”

When you were My obedient children
I provided all that you would ever need.
I gave you a king after My own heart
Knowing that you’d succumb to greed

And during the time when you did not listen
You sacrificed offerings, but not to Me.
There came a time when I had to say that enough is enough
So I sacrificed My only begotten Son to set your sins free

I raised Him up and sat Him at My right hand
And gave Him all of My authority and power
To judge the right standing in your life
At the coming of your final hour

You must accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Asking forgiveness for all of your sins
It is the only way that you can come to Me
Salvation is when your newborn life begins

On the day of My choosing I will send Him back to you
On a cloud shining like the sun at the trumpet’s call
To bring home those who have obeyed My word
This will also lead to satan’s ultimate downfall

Messiah Yeshua shall reign for a thousand of My years
Many Mansions await the righteous who have passed
And your ultimate reward will be judged as follows:
The last shall be first and the first shall be last



Old friends bring back pleasant memories
Although at our age most of them are gone
It’s either easy or it’s very hard
When people say that you need to move on

The years pass by so fast these days
And many seniors wait and just sit back
Their minds and bodies become dormant
Just waiting for that final heart attack

My advice to you is to stay active
By exercising your body and your mind
You’ll still have those good memories
But you’ll leave the doldrums behind

You’ll see how much better you will feel
Make new friends both young and old
People will listen to your expertise
It’s a tribute worth much more than gold

so get up off of your backside
Old friends will be there when you pass away
Your determination and a step of faith
Will help to get you through another day