Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Certain poems that God has given me are worth repeating. This is one of those poems that I’ve posted for the past 3 Christmases. It was written for my Christian Brothers and Sisters because I love and respect them. As Messianic Jews however, we also believe in Yeshua (It’s the Hebrew name given to Him at birth which means Salvation.)  We don’t celebrate December 25th as the Lord’s birth date, because we don’t know the actual day or month that He was born. We can only speculate. Dec. 25th was chosen by the first Pope, the Roman Emperor Constantine for political reasons and has never been changed. As always a second poem will follow.


Once again it’s that time of year
When Christmas comes at last
Celebrating with family and friends
And ageless memories of the past

It is a joyous time of year
Carolers sing and shopping’s in season
But what we all need to remember is
The true meaning and the reason

This is the day that is celebrated as the
Birthday of the Messiah of all mankind
Those who just think of it commercially
Must surely be spiritually blind

The blood that Yeshua shed cleansed all of sin
For He was God the Father’s Unblemished Lamb
Only by professing our faith in Him as Messiah
Will we get to be with Father God The Great I Am

When we gather together on this special day
Let us pray that next year we will meet again
Thank the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And to this all of God’s Children say, “AMEN.”



I attended a Messianic Conference last weekend
The speakers had a lot of God’s Word to share
But the best thing that all who attended knew
Was that the Holy Spirit of God was there

There was a lot of Spiritual music being played
And Sabbath services on Friday and Saturday
At the end of the evening’s events there were
Many people who still had a special need to pray

Even I was among those who needed special prayer
Given by the rabbis who intercede for us to God
In God’s time each one of us will have the answer
It’s worth the wait although the answer may be hard

What I’ve written about the Messianic Conference
 Is an extremely small part of the entire picture
For if you believe in the Son of the Living God
He’s standing beside you and is permanent fixture

Thursday, December 19, 2013



These words from the Lord came to me
His truth came through the Holy Spirit
Telling me to write what He Commands
For those who want and need to read it

I openly profess that I’m a zealot for the Lord
Who is seated at Father God’s Right Hand
I’m blessed to share the truth of His Light
In the hope of making people understand

Only Yeshua has fulfilled
What had been prophesied
Preaching God’s Word and healing
Up until the very day that He died

For God so loved the world that He created
That He chose to sacrificed His Only Son
As the ultimate and final sacrificial Lamb
His Blood can cleansed the sins of everyone

In three days Yeshua rose again
And to His Disciples He did say,
“Tell all that want to enter God’s Kingdom that
Only through Me is the Truth Light and Way .”

Then before He returned to His Father’s Side
He said, “One day I will come back for all
And lead God’s People to New Jerusalem.
From the East I will come at the shofar’s call.”

So while you’re waiting on that blessed day
You need to profess your faith in Messiah
When you take this magnificent leap of faith
Your soul will be filled with a burning desire

Have a desire like me to spread God’s Word
So that all can share the joy of God’s Love
And you will share the blessing as have I
From the Lord our God who is far above



of us has at lest one burden  to bear
Mine is mostly because of my poor sight
I have to attempt to do things twice
In order for me to get things right

This is where trusting the Lord comes in
I know He has a reason for my frustration
So even if I get frustrated I just grin and bear it
Thanking God for my gift of joy and jubilation

Obviously I don’t know what your problems are
Just turn them over to the Lord the King of Israel
For His Yolk is heavy yet His burden is light
The Lord will handle it so it’s not a big deal

And the burden that you carry may never change
Just remember that the Lord always has your back
But I’ll promise you that things won’t get any worse
Because Yeshua is protecting from the devil’s attack

Saturday, December 14, 2013



Many synagogues and churches have made changes
In the Lord’s Word to suit their very own needs
From the very first day that it was given to mankind
This surely isn’t the way that the Word of God reads

Does God consider those
Who do this to be a fool
When He gave His Perfect Word to us
God told us to use it as a learning tool

I’m sure that God doesn’t min certain changes
Such as languages which conform to modern times
But please don’t reinterpret what the Lord said
This is just one of numerous Ungodly crimes

God’s Decree to each of His Children is to Praise
Worship and Serve Him for He knows that we can
Those who sit back and do absolutely nothing
Are not conforming to the Lord’s Perfect Plan

The more that we do everything God asks of us
The more our heavenly storehouses will overflow
But if you should sit back and let others do instead
Don’t even think that the Lord of Hosts doesn’t know

Time is growing shorter here on the earth
We must do our very best in this endeavor
Everyone needs to accept Yeshua as Messiah
So that God’s Eternal Plan will be theirs forever



I had a very long talk with the Lord today
We connected through the Holy Spirit
He told me I needed to make some changes
And that I definitely needed to hear it

Contemplating what the Lord said to me
I pretty much knew what I’d done wrong
In order for me to cast these aspersions off
My faith in Yeshua must be deep and strong

It may not be the easiest of tasks
And in many ways I still may falter
But in the very end I’ll persevere
Because I left them at God’s Alter

Although Yeshua spoke about His Burden
Being light and on Him to cast your trouble
These iniquities which caused me to pray
Need my personal attention to burst the bubble

Even though I pray for their release
I understand that I must do my part
And when God sees my change in attitude
Each day He will grant me a fresh start

Friday, December 6, 2013

Important FYI from the poet

Out of town and lost the poems I was going to post this week.
Will post next Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013



When you need to seeking the Lord Advice
Nothing’s better than the power of prayer
You know that He always hears your request
For the simple reason that He’s always there

Are there problems in your life that
You might need some help to resolve
There are many resolutions to be had
The first is to ask God to help you solve

But if the answer that you seek isn’t forthcoming
God may be saying to seek help from your peers
There are a lot of avenues that you can follow
In order to erase all of your doubts and fears

You might want to seek some help from a medical professional
Or perhaps a clergyman who’s willing to take the time to hear
Perhaps you may have the need to converse with an attorney
What ever the situation may be the Lord has put them near

And although unlike all the professional mentioned in the verse above
I’m also one of the Lords vessels to help you in whatever way I can
God isn’t too busy but like a company we’re there to assist you
No need to ask why for it’s all a part of the Lord’s Perfect Plan

The advice that the Lord’s Messenger has just given you is
Meant for you to look forward there’s no need to look back
Should you follow this advice from one of the Lord’s vessels
God is very pleased to tell you that you’re on the right track



Do you understand just how awesome
And how powerful prayer can be
Those who go to the Lord in sincerity
Will testify to you about its enormity

It’s sort of like the difference between two individuals
The unbeliever owns a Caddy and the Believer a Nissan
Both of the cars will get them to where they want to go
But the believer has a car he can drive much farther on

As you can see this is somewhat of an analogy
An unbeliever hopes that his god hears his prayer
But the believer can even take it one step further
Thanks to the Holy Spirit Yeshua is always there

And when the two different people pass away
Heaven’s gatekeeper will be very protective
Yeshua said no one goes to the Father but by Him
It’s unlikely that you can override that directive