Saturday, December 14, 2013



I had a very long talk with the Lord today
We connected through the Holy Spirit
He told me I needed to make some changes
And that I definitely needed to hear it

Contemplating what the Lord said to me
I pretty much knew what I’d done wrong
In order for me to cast these aspersions off
My faith in Yeshua must be deep and strong

It may not be the easiest of tasks
And in many ways I still may falter
But in the very end I’ll persevere
Because I left them at God’s Alter

Although Yeshua spoke about His Burden
Being light and on Him to cast your trouble
These iniquities which caused me to pray
Need my personal attention to burst the bubble

Even though I pray for their release
I understand that I must do my part
And when God sees my change in attitude
Each day He will grant me a fresh start

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