Thursday, December 19, 2013



These words from the Lord came to me
His truth came through the Holy Spirit
Telling me to write what He Commands
For those who want and need to read it

I openly profess that I’m a zealot for the Lord
Who is seated at Father God’s Right Hand
I’m blessed to share the truth of His Light
In the hope of making people understand

Only Yeshua has fulfilled
What had been prophesied
Preaching God’s Word and healing
Up until the very day that He died

For God so loved the world that He created
That He chose to sacrificed His Only Son
As the ultimate and final sacrificial Lamb
His Blood can cleansed the sins of everyone

In three days Yeshua rose again
And to His Disciples He did say,
“Tell all that want to enter God’s Kingdom that
Only through Me is the Truth Light and Way .”

Then before He returned to His Father’s Side
He said, “One day I will come back for all
And lead God’s People to New Jerusalem.
From the East I will come at the shofar’s call.”

So while you’re waiting on that blessed day
You need to profess your faith in Messiah
When you take this magnificent leap of faith
Your soul will be filled with a burning desire

Have a desire like me to spread God’s Word
So that all can share the joy of God’s Love
And you will share the blessing as have I
From the Lord our God who is far above

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