Thursday, May 29, 2014



This poem is about the courage of my Grandson Jason
A lefty relief pitcher on his college baseball team
His mother had passed away suddenly this week
Somehow appearances aren’t always what they seem

He stayed with the team through the entire playoff
Seeing his courage the team played the same way
It’s something that his mom would have wanted
He came home for the funeral and back to play

Right now I’m at a stopping point within the poem
The Lord has and will handle it the rest of the way
It’s a good lesson from God on courage and fortitude
His mom had given him the courage and will to play

This may or may not be the last verse of the poem
From this point it’s totally in the Lord’s hands
Our thoughts and deeds pale in comparison to God
So we’ll just wait to see the unfolding of His plans

Well the Lord gave me the last verse of this poem
Jason’s team went on to win their conference title
Perhaps God has them going to the national playoff
What I do know is that He won’t let them get idle



Are you curious about the title of this poem
Unquestionably God is number one in my heart
The next one of course is my Godly loving wife
Even after reaching heaven we’ll never be apart

Yes I love my children and her children also
I’ve even gained a new respect for my ex wife
My whole family and extended family as well
And God blessed me putting Trudi in my life

Besides the fact that she’s a Godly Woman
There are very few things that she can’t do
If beyond her scope at least she made an attempt
Willing to make an effort and learn something new

Because of the fact that I have a visual impairment
She watches me caringly so that things will go right
From the time that we wake up in the morning
Until the light goes out and we go to sleep at night

I’ll admit that so much can get somewhat frustrating
But I know that that she has my best interest at heart
And I’ve always tried to helped her whenever I can
It’s been that way in our relationship from the start

She also helps with my Spiritual Poetry ministry
Proofreading so that God’s words come out right
The Lord knew what He was doing when He put
This woman with inner and outer beauty in my sight

Thank You Father for all you do and all  you’ve done
And for all that we don’t know that you’re going to do
You put the second most important person in my life
Knowing my very first love would always be for you


Thursday, May 22, 2014


First let me apologize for not posting last week. The computer at the hotel that we stayed at in Boston would not let me post.

On a much sadder note, On the final day of our trip home, my forty six year old daughter, Natalie Richman passed away suddenly. This weeks two poems are dedicated in memory to her



When friends or loved ones pass away
And sorrowful tears are shed
We cry because we miss them so
But tears are for the living not the dead

You may say, “How dare he.”
Let me explain the reason why
Perhaps it will help you to understand
It is o.k. you still can cry

God has called the one you love
It was their time to be precise
With Messiah and through God’s Grace
They have gone on to paradise

As our tears subside in time
God will call us one day too and
The loved one that we miss so much
Will spend eternity with you



In the face of darkness
Or in the light of day
Problems confront us
In each and every way

Whether they are big ones
Or even if they’re small
With the courage of your convictions
You’ll face them one and all

But if you cannot face them
Then the one way you must turn
Is to the Lord who hears all prayers
And a lesson you shall learn

This lesson that I speak of
Is one of faith it’s true
In God and self let come what may
And Start each day anew

Saturday, May 10, 2014


        First and foremost, even though it's a day early. Happy Mother's Day to  all the moms, those expecting to be moms and those who are just like a mother to someone.

        Also, it's getting to be that time of year again between next week and just after July 4th, when we'll be entertaining friends and family or going out of town to see them. I will do my utmost to keep the weekly poems posted, but if you don't see one on a particular weekend, go and browse through the archives. Better still, go to my bio where it will tell you how to get the a copy of the book of Spiritual Poetry that the Lord gave me for only $5 + shipping cost through Yachad Ministries. If you purchase the book I suggest that you read the biography first. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

Thursday, May 8, 2014



Are you having a problem with something
Or perhaps with some person in your life
I’d say to get over it and just look forward
There’s too much damage in undo strife

Whatever the problem just hand it to God
This is something that you may not realize
The Lord controls every aspect of your life
Harboring it may lead to an unwanted surprise

That’s just the Spiritual aspect of your problem
To harbor anger will do more harm than not
Is it really worth taking the risk knowing that
Anxiety could lead to a stroke or a blood clot

So what I suggest is to give it up to God in prayer
The Lord has a heavy yolk but His Burden is light
Yeshua also said to love your neighbor as yourself
They are win/win statements that will turn out right




I have always had a love for God
But as a Jew didn’t know Messiah
A seed that was planted blossomed within me
And now my zealousness is like a raging fire

Thanks to God’s Written Word I’ve learned
That even in turmoil there is always hope
All that it takes is to let go and Let God
When you feel you’re at the end of your rope

With God we all have a one on one relationship
So no matter what problems may arise today
Reach up to the Lord in your Praises and Prayers
His hand with the answer will reach the rest of the

Satan will tempt you with all kinds of evil imaginable
Live your life knowing that God is in Total Control
Do this and the devil will become so frustrated
That his evil ways will never permeate your soul

Seek refuge in Our Lord Yeshua
For He alone is our Saving Grace
When God’s kingdom calls us home
We will see our Messiah face to face

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Are you ready to take that next step of faith
Here are some of the things you need to do
Try to read from both Covenants every day
Or at the very least at much as you can do

Tithe faithfully on the gross income you have
Pray that the Lord will take care of the rest
If that should put you in any financial bind
There are other ways to pass God’s tithing test

Give of your time and talents and help others
There are multiple types of things you can do
If you give of yourself and whatever it takes
These will come back in God’s storehouse to you

Help in your congregation in whatever way you can
It is better that you volunteer instead of being asked
The Lord sees the goodness in your heart and knows
That you’re faithful and when needed up to the task

God’s Word is also a tool for learning and for helping
That comes from the bible when you’re in a situation
Ask your Spiritual Leader to help you with guidance
Doing it yourself without prayer is an abomination

Spread God’s word in the proper manner when you can
Leading many of God’s Lost Souls to receive Salvation
You’ll receive blessings from the Lord in so many ways
Just by doing all of this without the least bit of hesitation

I’ve fulfilled what the Lord has shown me through verse
How this will play out is between the Lord and yourself
So go for the gold staying on the straight and narrow path
Now’s the time to take that dusty old bible off the top shelf



Most people already know that fact that if
You spell dog backwards it Spells God
Have you ever given a thought as to why
These similarities aren’t really very odd

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend
God has given you that very same choice
He wants to love every one of us unconditionally and by
Accepting His Son you’ll hear God’s Still Small Voice

Your dog will protect you with his very life
The Lord gave His Life for your Salvation
Give your dog all the love that it deserves
And Love the Lord with joy and jubilation

I can’t explain the reason why this happened to me
It’s been the hardest poem I’ve ever had to compost
I believe that the devil doesn’t want you to read this but
When you do your love for God and His for you grows