Thursday, May 1, 2014


Are you ready to take that next step of faith
Here are some of the things you need to do
Try to read from both Covenants every day
Or at the very least at much as you can do

Tithe faithfully on the gross income you have
Pray that the Lord will take care of the rest
If that should put you in any financial bind
There are other ways to pass God’s tithing test

Give of your time and talents and help others
There are multiple types of things you can do
If you give of yourself and whatever it takes
These will come back in God’s storehouse to you

Help in your congregation in whatever way you can
It is better that you volunteer instead of being asked
The Lord sees the goodness in your heart and knows
That you’re faithful and when needed up to the task

God’s Word is also a tool for learning and for helping
That comes from the bible when you’re in a situation
Ask your Spiritual Leader to help you with guidance
Doing it yourself without prayer is an abomination

Spread God’s word in the proper manner when you can
Leading many of God’s Lost Souls to receive Salvation
You’ll receive blessings from the Lord in so many ways
Just by doing all of this without the least bit of hesitation

I’ve fulfilled what the Lord has shown me through verse
How this will play out is between the Lord and yourself
So go for the gold staying on the straight and narrow path
Now’s the time to take that dusty old bible off the top shelf

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