Thursday, May 29, 2014



Are you curious about the title of this poem
Unquestionably God is number one in my heart
The next one of course is my Godly loving wife
Even after reaching heaven we’ll never be apart

Yes I love my children and her children also
I’ve even gained a new respect for my ex wife
My whole family and extended family as well
And God blessed me putting Trudi in my life

Besides the fact that she’s a Godly Woman
There are very few things that she can’t do
If beyond her scope at least she made an attempt
Willing to make an effort and learn something new

Because of the fact that I have a visual impairment
She watches me caringly so that things will go right
From the time that we wake up in the morning
Until the light goes out and we go to sleep at night

I’ll admit that so much can get somewhat frustrating
But I know that that she has my best interest at heart
And I’ve always tried to helped her whenever I can
It’s been that way in our relationship from the start

She also helps with my Spiritual Poetry ministry
Proofreading so that God’s words come out right
The Lord knew what He was doing when He put
This woman with inner and outer beauty in my sight

Thank You Father for all you do and all  you’ve done
And for all that we don’t know that you’re going to do
You put the second most important person in my life
Knowing my very first love would always be for you


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