Saturday, August 31, 2013


        Next week marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days. I feel that next weekend's posting is the appropriate time to post a poem by another visiting poet.  Paul Samuels is just that and is an author as well.
         I know that you will enjoy this particular poem that he wrote which is fitting for the occasion as much as I did. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

Friday, August 30, 2013



People spend their whole lives searching
For the answers to multitudes of mysteries
Often the answer is right in front of them
If they’d only look at the course of history

Why is the color of the sky blue and why
Do animals rely on instinct instead of brains
How the sun shine on one side of the street
And yet directly across the street it rains

Why are there so many different languages and
What uncharted worlds lie beyond us in the sky
One by one these questions are being answered
But have you ever thought about how or why

These questions really have a very simple answer
It’s because Father God is the creator of all things
And because mankind was made in His Image
He allows us to discover some of the joys they bring

Or the dangers and pitfalls and how to avoid  each one
Yet so many unanswered questions remain a mystery
When and if the Lord feels that we need to know them
As I said before the answer becomes a part of history

Gods have been given many names by all groups of people
Throughout history many have even created more than one
The one who is omnipotent and still called by many names
Is the Tri Unity of God the Father the Holy Spirit and the Son

I reiterate this point that I’ve made as a factual statistic
Because all that you really need to do is to look around
Messiah Yeshua is the only God who is alive inside of you
And all of the false gods still lie buried in the ground

God has revealed so many wonderful things to us which
He spoke into existence and is longing for us to know
By faith He alone is the answer to unanswered questions
Helping to make His Holy Spirit that’s inside of us to grow



I have the ability to check the total number
Of daily viewers on my Spiritual poetry site
It also tells me what countries they’re from
Something that I do each and every night

It’s not a pride thing that I seek for personal praise
Because looking at the big picture it’s not about me
But how the Lord works through me as His vessel
To those who seek Salvation to be Spiritually Free

Or for those Believers who already know the Lord
But may seek solace in Him for some grief or pain
Thank you Father for providing me with these words
That have done what was needed over and over again

I often wonder about the people that I haven’t reached
When the day’s numbers are just a few or even none
I understand that the Lord is also using other vessels
For all who seek Him and the Victory that He’s won

So for whatever reason that God drew you to my blog
I’m here to help fill your cup in the daytime or night and
Because the Lord is a compassionate understanding God
In His time I know that whatever you seek will turn out right

Friday, August 23, 2013


First let me preface this poem by saying that it will show just how awesome the Lord our God is if you are obedient and faithful to Him. His Holy Spirit which lives inside of you will always lead you down the correct path. I am definitely a hopeless romantic. Since the Lord allowed my wife Trudi & I to connect on 8/19/01, I do not send her cards for any occasion; but rather write her a poem. On the 12th anniversary of our first conversation on the phone, she gave me the most beautiful card that she has ever gin me during that time. Sadly, even though I remembered the date, I was remiss & had nothing for her.  She went out to do an errand without me & that's when the Lord through His Holy Spirit sat me down & gave me the following words to put into verse:

You and I are a part of an awesome team
Founded by God with this purpose in mind
To serve and extol the Lord Most High and
To spread His Word throughout mankind

Another reason God brought the two of us together
Was that not only did our Souls and Spirits jell
Eternity is just one of the Lord’s Infinite Numbers
He knew our love will stand the test of time as well

I make this vow to you as a solemn pledge
The ways of satan will never tear us apart
You and I may have some differences over time
But the Lord and You will always have my heart



Sufficient words are hard to come by
To thank you for your generosity
It will help me to press forward
And means so very much to me

You may not fully understand these words
But in God’s Time I pray that you do
My prayer for you and all Jews and Gentiles
Is that someday you will know Yeshua too

If you were to have the belief as I do that
To unbelievers heaven’s gates will be closed
Simply because they reject the Son of God
And therefore have never been exposed

He said, “No one comes to the father but through Me.”
For His Life was the ultimate blood sacrifice
God said that without a Blood Atonement for your sins
You will not be able to enter heaven’s paradise

It is because I believe that I also grieve
For I don’t know that I’ll never see
When my time on earth is over 
So many of my friends and family

But one day Israel will come to faith
And God’s People will be of one accord
Saying, “Baruch Haba Bashem Adonai,
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”

Friday, August 16, 2013


As is my custom, when I see a piece from a visiting poet, writer or author which as a poet, I enjoy so much that it gives me a warm feeling inside; I feel the need to share it with my viewers. The awesome piece below was written by a Messianic Jewish woman who is fellow congregation member. Sarah Rivera has also been a writer and journalist. I know that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did, followed by one of my poems for this week. Have a Blessed Day!

A Friend Who Walks With Me
To you, I seem all alone,
but what you can't see
is the friend who walks with me.
Who gently hugs me
and takes my hand 
to guide me.
Unseen, He lifts me up.
In times of trouble, He is there --- in my deepest despair.
He's there, with greatest joy
to shower me
with His love.
How can I want, or be afraid
when He is by my side?
In the dark of night, and the light of day
Whether I call Him or not.
He lifts me up, and keeps me whole.
My greatest prayer for you
is that you know Him too ---
My Friend.



What in the world is it going to take
To rid this planet of jealousy and hate
Has satan’s grip consumed so many people that
For some when Messiah returns it will be too late

There are many different beliefs about God but
We know that only the one who lives is true
One of several ways we know this to be a fact
Is because His Holy Spirit lives inside of you

To love thy neighbor as thy self is one of the
Prime commandment that Yeshua did decree
And not just to turn the other cheek
But He said to also love your enemy

One by one satan will lose his grip because so many
New believers will ask for the forgiveness of their sins
And profess Yeshua as their Lord and Messiah  
On that very same day their eternal life begins

Friday, August 9, 2013



How do I know what I’ve titled this poem
Just today I saw the Lord’s work in action
It was something that happened to my wife
That gave us both a great deal of satisfaction

She was in the parking lot of a local Market
When she spotted a wandering homeless man
She looked all around for him a second time
The man had vanished as only the Lord can

Being obedient she had taken out money for him
She knew that it would be the right thing to do
I know that the Lord saw what was in her heart
Would you do the same if it happened to you

The Lord is with you no matter where you may go
You never know when this might happen to you
This will show up when you’re judged in heaven
So please give the Lord a right attitude to view



How often we’ve heard people cursing
Taking the name of the Lord in vain
Not just one time or not even twice
But repeating it over and over again

I can honestly say that I’ve been guilty of this
Especially a time long ago when I was younger
But then when I realized what I’d done wrong
I begged God’s Forgiveness with a burning hunger

There are numerous reasons why people curse
Often many of them say it’s out of frustration
With others it’s a part of every day language
But either way doing it is still an abomination

For in the bible one of God’s Commandments  
Is that we’re not to blaspheme His Holy Name
Through Yeshua all of our sins are forgiven and
Yet Sadly it’s still one that’s the ultimate shame

I’m not a theologian so I’m unsure how to respond to this
But I know a number of them and I’m sure I can find out
If you’re curiosity is peaked and you’d like an answer
The thing that you’ll need to do is to give me a shout

Send me an email and I’ll ask people that I know
I too would like to learn exactly how they feel
Understanding God’s Truth will be comforting
And I pray also that the Lord will let us heal

Whatever the answer is that I do come up with
Most likely will come in the form of a rhyme
You’ll find it one day by checking my website
But I know that it will only come in God’s time

Friday, August 2, 2013


       Although some viewers may not see this, I'd like to put it out there, I'm going to attempt to do so on a weekly basis followed by the 2 poems for the week, (if you’ve already seen this message scroll down for this week’s poems)  so that more viewers will see it and leave comments if they choose to. Your comments, (positive or negative) help me. 
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I know you’re a child of the living God
But with that also comes responsibility
To serve God however you’re needed
It often leads many leaders to futility

There are many things that are needed
To keep a congregation going strong
You need to step up and pitch in
But you already knew that all along

Not just when the Spirit moves you
You can’t just act Holier than thou
You want to be pleasing to the Lord
And I’m positive that you know how

Though I wrote this to one particular person
If they read the poem they’ll know who it is
I know that this also apples to many others
Now go and give God the Glory that is His
When someone serves without being asked
God in turn will bless them in many ways
He knows how faithful they’ve been to Him
It will be with them for the rest of their days


I asked the Lord what I must do to reach
More of the unsaved souls within His flock
He said to just keep writing as I have been
Your door will be open when people knock

I’ll always be a zealot for the Lord my God
Even though the flaws that I have are many
The Lord said that I’m forgiven of my flaws
 In His eyes it’s as though there weren’t any

I don’t believe that I can help the way I feel
All that I want to see is that sinners are saved
The devil looks to increase the world of them
Thriving on the sins of the morally depraved

The Lord God wants just the opposite of that
He made you in His image for that very reason
Like a card game love and peace has always trumped
The madness and hostility of the world in any season

I give you my heart my life my Soul Lord
I hope and pray others will see Your Light
I’m just one of many vessels in Your flock
To see that all You created turns out right

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Although some viewers may not see this, I'd like to put it out there, I'm going to attempt to do so on a weekly basis followed by the 2 poems for the week, so that more viewers will see it. Your comments, (positive or negative) help me. To do this, you can either sign on to my blog near the bottom of this page. (there is no cost to you) or you can email me with your comments @ which is also on my biography on the right side of the page. In the biography is also a link to purchasing my book of Spiritual Poetry @ a cost of $5 plus shipping. See below for this week's poems that the Lord has blessed me with. Thank you & have a blessed day in Yeshua.