Friday, August 30, 2013



I have the ability to check the total number
Of daily viewers on my Spiritual poetry site
It also tells me what countries they’re from
Something that I do each and every night

It’s not a pride thing that I seek for personal praise
Because looking at the big picture it’s not about me
But how the Lord works through me as His vessel
To those who seek Salvation to be Spiritually Free

Or for those Believers who already know the Lord
But may seek solace in Him for some grief or pain
Thank you Father for providing me with these words
That have done what was needed over and over again

I often wonder about the people that I haven’t reached
When the day’s numbers are just a few or even none
I understand that the Lord is also using other vessels
For all who seek Him and the Victory that He’s won

So for whatever reason that God drew you to my blog
I’m here to help fill your cup in the daytime or night and
Because the Lord is a compassionate understanding God
In His time I know that whatever you seek will turn out right

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