Friday, August 30, 2013



People spend their whole lives searching
For the answers to multitudes of mysteries
Often the answer is right in front of them
If they’d only look at the course of history

Why is the color of the sky blue and why
Do animals rely on instinct instead of brains
How the sun shine on one side of the street
And yet directly across the street it rains

Why are there so many different languages and
What uncharted worlds lie beyond us in the sky
One by one these questions are being answered
But have you ever thought about how or why

These questions really have a very simple answer
It’s because Father God is the creator of all things
And because mankind was made in His Image
He allows us to discover some of the joys they bring

Or the dangers and pitfalls and how to avoid  each one
Yet so many unanswered questions remain a mystery
When and if the Lord feels that we need to know them
As I said before the answer becomes a part of history

Gods have been given many names by all groups of people
Throughout history many have even created more than one
The one who is omnipotent and still called by many names
Is the Tri Unity of God the Father the Holy Spirit and the Son

I reiterate this point that I’ve made as a factual statistic
Because all that you really need to do is to look around
Messiah Yeshua is the only God who is alive inside of you
And all of the false gods still lie buried in the ground

God has revealed so many wonderful things to us which
He spoke into existence and is longing for us to know
By faith He alone is the answer to unanswered questions
Helping to make His Holy Spirit that’s inside of us to grow

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