Friday, August 2, 2013


I asked the Lord what I must do to reach
More of the unsaved souls within His flock
He said to just keep writing as I have been
Your door will be open when people knock

I’ll always be a zealot for the Lord my God
Even though the flaws that I have are many
The Lord said that I’m forgiven of my flaws
 In His eyes it’s as though there weren’t any

I don’t believe that I can help the way I feel
All that I want to see is that sinners are saved
The devil looks to increase the world of them
Thriving on the sins of the morally depraved

The Lord God wants just the opposite of that
He made you in His image for that very reason
Like a card game love and peace has always trumped
The madness and hostility of the world in any season

I give you my heart my life my Soul Lord
I hope and pray others will see Your Light
I’m just one of many vessels in Your flock
To see that all You created turns out right

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