Friday, August 9, 2013



How often we’ve heard people cursing
Taking the name of the Lord in vain
Not just one time or not even twice
But repeating it over and over again

I can honestly say that I’ve been guilty of this
Especially a time long ago when I was younger
But then when I realized what I’d done wrong
I begged God’s Forgiveness with a burning hunger

There are numerous reasons why people curse
Often many of them say it’s out of frustration
With others it’s a part of every day language
But either way doing it is still an abomination

For in the bible one of God’s Commandments  
Is that we’re not to blaspheme His Holy Name
Through Yeshua all of our sins are forgiven and
Yet Sadly it’s still one that’s the ultimate shame

I’m not a theologian so I’m unsure how to respond to this
But I know a number of them and I’m sure I can find out
If you’re curiosity is peaked and you’d like an answer
The thing that you’ll need to do is to give me a shout

Send me an email and I’ll ask people that I know
I too would like to learn exactly how they feel
Understanding God’s Truth will be comforting
And I pray also that the Lord will let us heal

Whatever the answer is that I do come up with
Most likely will come in the form of a rhyme
You’ll find it one day by checking my website
But I know that it will only come in God’s time

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