Friday, August 23, 2013


First let me preface this poem by saying that it will show just how awesome the Lord our God is if you are obedient and faithful to Him. His Holy Spirit which lives inside of you will always lead you down the correct path. I am definitely a hopeless romantic. Since the Lord allowed my wife Trudi & I to connect on 8/19/01, I do not send her cards for any occasion; but rather write her a poem. On the 12th anniversary of our first conversation on the phone, she gave me the most beautiful card that she has ever gin me during that time. Sadly, even though I remembered the date, I was remiss & had nothing for her.  She went out to do an errand without me & that's when the Lord through His Holy Spirit sat me down & gave me the following words to put into verse:

You and I are a part of an awesome team
Founded by God with this purpose in mind
To serve and extol the Lord Most High and
To spread His Word throughout mankind

Another reason God brought the two of us together
Was that not only did our Souls and Spirits jell
Eternity is just one of the Lord’s Infinite Numbers
He knew our love will stand the test of time as well

I make this vow to you as a solemn pledge
The ways of satan will never tear us apart
You and I may have some differences over time
But the Lord and You will always have my heart

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