Friday, August 16, 2013


As is my custom, when I see a piece from a visiting poet, writer or author which as a poet, I enjoy so much that it gives me a warm feeling inside; I feel the need to share it with my viewers. The awesome piece below was written by a Messianic Jewish woman who is fellow congregation member. Sarah Rivera has also been a writer and journalist. I know that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did, followed by one of my poems for this week. Have a Blessed Day!

A Friend Who Walks With Me
To you, I seem all alone,
but what you can't see
is the friend who walks with me.
Who gently hugs me
and takes my hand 
to guide me.
Unseen, He lifts me up.
In times of trouble, He is there --- in my deepest despair.
He's there, with greatest joy
to shower me
with His love.
How can I want, or be afraid
when He is by my side?
In the dark of night, and the light of day
Whether I call Him or not.
He lifts me up, and keeps me whole.
My greatest prayer for you
is that you know Him too ---
My Friend.

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