Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Have you ever stopped to think
Of how many hints God gives you
In His time what has been written
Each and every time will come true
Here’s a perfect example of the
First verse that you’ve just read
It’s absolutely no coincidence
God hit the nail right on the head
United Nations resolution number 1441
States that Iraq must totally disarm
If they do not war will be declared
And no one will be free from harm
Since I seriously doubt that they’ll comply
I call your attention to Psalm 144 verse 1
King David asked the Lord for strength
In a battle which had not yet begun
That these two numbers are the same
Absolutely was not a coincidence
I believe that we should pray to God
To protect and give strength to our President
Bless the Lord for He is Holy
God bless the U. S. A.



Would that I could write some verses
About the Covenants both New and Old
There’s a reason why this is hard for me
If the truth of the matter were to be told
I have a problem with my vision
And some memory loss as well
The lord provided a way for me  
To spread His Word and to tell
God’s hand has guided mine in rhyming
Now I minister His word and tell the story
Of love and peace Salvation and eternal life
In this world and the kingdom of His Glory
Praise His name and worship Him
Live your life by what He commands
Riches and honor will be the reward
Bestowed on you by His outstretched hands
God the Father Son and Holy Spirit
Are gifts to both learn about and teach
All it takes is for you to profess Messiah
And it’s right there within your reach
Read both the Covenants drinking it in
God’s Word will make your Spirit swell
By doing what Father God asks of you
I believe that you’ll pass it on as well

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


No parent should outlive their child
But it does happen and is a part of life
I say this from a personal experience
For it happened to me and my ex wife
I cried when I was told that it happened
Of course that’s the natural thing to do
But there are other things to be considered
God is very involved in this scenario too
Those of us who believe in the True Living God
Know that life’s cycle is God family and then you
For the Lord controls every aspect of our lives
It’s His Will and His bidding that we must do
Trust the Lord with all of your heart mind and strength
We’ll never understand why God Does what He Does
But the Lord God is the only hope for our Salvation
For He and He alone is the God who will be is and was
I believe that He called her for a much bigger purpose
Knowing all of the good that she’s done here on earth
Who can put a price on what our Heavenly Father does
So we may never know what calling her home is worth



It’s a very sad thing to have to say but I’ve seen
Some people talk from both sides of their face
They say one thing but mean something else
Obviously their mind is in a different place
 Why is it that they just can’t be honest
And tell the truth like it’s actually real
To lie says obviously they don’t care
Just how badly it can make you feel
Then there could be another reason
It’s entirely possible that they forgot
Either way if they just told the truth
To the other person it would mean a lot
It can also be somewhat contradictory
You know God said that it’s a sin to lie
If the other party were to learn the truth
Would you be able to look them in the eye
Telling the truth will hurt a lot less
It’s by far a much easier thing to do
It might save a lifelong friendship
Instead of coming back and biting you

Thursday, June 12, 2014


As I stated a week or 2 ago, this is our vacation time.  We will either be with friends or family or traveling to them. I will do my utmost to try & post during that time, but if I can't, take a look back at the archives. You might just find something there that you're in need of. Below are this week's 2 poems. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel



The day is coming sooner than you think
When Yeshua will return to planet earth
When that happens unless you know Him
How much do you think your life is worth

Only God knows the exactly time and day
The earth will be filled with destruction
And desolation will overflow its banks
Causing a huge population reduction

Yes even some believers may die then
But when things start to settle down
The Lord will make everything better
You’ll see love and faith all around

The precondition to this happening is that
You must accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Profess your sins before the Lord Your God
Then they’ll be cleansed by His Holy Fire

It’s the only way to receive Salvation
Which cleanses and purifies your soul
This is how much the Lord loves you
Doing what’s needed to make you whole

That’s why God sent His Only Son Yeshua
His was the only body free of sin you see
Profess your belief in all of these things
And it sets the Holy Spirit within you free

As I said before some believers won’t survive
Even though they know and accepted the Lord
But one thing is sure they’ll all go to heaven
And receive God Our Father’s blessed reward



If you know the Lord you know that
He never promised us a rose garden
Through all of our pain and suffering
We cannot allow our heart to harden

For as believers through our Salvation
We know one day we’ll be free of pain
So for now we must just grin and bear it
Always keeping that locked in our brain

I write these words from personal experience
Blind faith in the Messiah is the ultimate key
There’s a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel
And the Lord is waiting there for you and me

And while you’re waiting for it don’t stay idle
Each of us has a mission within God’s Plan
You possibly may not think so in your mind
But the Tri-Unity of God knows that you can

Thursday, June 5, 2014



The Shema is the most reverent prayer
That a Jew can pray to God our Father
Sometimes there’s such a lack of reverence
It makes one think why do they even bother

There are Jewish scholars in the various sects
And an even greater amount of agnostic Jews
I can’t fathom especially those who are learned
Why they’re so unreceptive to God’s Good News

The Tenach or what’s known as the Book of Prophets
Was given to the prophets directly through God’s voice
It foretold of the coming of the Jewish Messiah Yershua
If they truly followed God’s Word this wasn’t a choice 

Their minds are closed and they choose not to believe
And God has chosen to put blinders on their eyes
For those who use the mind that God gave them
They’ll see the truth and won’t be in for a surprise

Many Jews think the New Covenant is a Christian book
It was actually written by Jewish Apostles of the Lord
I urge all who don’t know the Lord to open their minds
This would make the body of believers of one accord

We as believers all know that Yeshua will return one day
To bring destruction and desolation and defeat the devil
Life for us as we know it won’t be the same as it was
For God’s mercy will bring it to a whole new level



I write the Spiritual poetry that you read from
Words given to me through God’s Holy Spirit
The reason that I as His vessel write them is
Because the Lord needs for you to receive it

There is always something that God needs for
You to know in His Appointed Time and Place
The words that are given to me by the Lord are
Meant for the people of the whole human race

There’s a very important fact that He wants you to know
Don’t think that I can just pull the words out of thin air
Each line that you’re reading has been carefully crafted
For the Lord wants to show you that He really does care

The Lord has many vessels that can reach out to you
I am just one of the multitudes of His obedient flock
If you obey these words that He gave me just for you
God knows that you’re standing solid on His Rock

Time is running short for us my brothers and sisters
All signs point to the fact that the end days are here
So if as I wrote you’re standing on God’s Solid Rock
The Lord says that you’ve absolutely nothing to fear