Thursday, June 12, 2014



The day is coming sooner than you think
When Yeshua will return to planet earth
When that happens unless you know Him
How much do you think your life is worth

Only God knows the exactly time and day
The earth will be filled with destruction
And desolation will overflow its banks
Causing a huge population reduction

Yes even some believers may die then
But when things start to settle down
The Lord will make everything better
You’ll see love and faith all around

The precondition to this happening is that
You must accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Profess your sins before the Lord Your God
Then they’ll be cleansed by His Holy Fire

It’s the only way to receive Salvation
Which cleanses and purifies your soul
This is how much the Lord loves you
Doing what’s needed to make you whole

That’s why God sent His Only Son Yeshua
His was the only body free of sin you see
Profess your belief in all of these things
And it sets the Holy Spirit within you free

As I said before some believers won’t survive
Even though they know and accepted the Lord
But one thing is sure they’ll all go to heaven
And receive God Our Father’s blessed reward

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