Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Would that I could write some verses
About the Covenants both New and Old
There’s a reason why this is hard for me
If the truth of the matter were to be told
I have a problem with my vision
And some memory loss as well
The lord provided a way for me  
To spread His Word and to tell
God’s hand has guided mine in rhyming
Now I minister His word and tell the story
Of love and peace Salvation and eternal life
In this world and the kingdom of His Glory
Praise His name and worship Him
Live your life by what He commands
Riches and honor will be the reward
Bestowed on you by His outstretched hands
God the Father Son and Holy Spirit
Are gifts to both learn about and teach
All it takes is for you to profess Messiah
And it’s right there within your reach
Read both the Covenants drinking it in
God’s Word will make your Spirit swell
By doing what Father God asks of you
I believe that you’ll pass it on as well

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