Wednesday, June 18, 2014


No parent should outlive their child
But it does happen and is a part of life
I say this from a personal experience
For it happened to me and my ex wife
I cried when I was told that it happened
Of course that’s the natural thing to do
But there are other things to be considered
God is very involved in this scenario too
Those of us who believe in the True Living God
Know that life’s cycle is God family and then you
For the Lord controls every aspect of our lives
It’s His Will and His bidding that we must do
Trust the Lord with all of your heart mind and strength
We’ll never understand why God Does what He Does
But the Lord God is the only hope for our Salvation
For He and He alone is the God who will be is and was
I believe that He called her for a much bigger purpose
Knowing all of the good that she’s done here on earth
Who can put a price on what our Heavenly Father does
So we may never know what calling her home is worth


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