Thursday, June 5, 2014



The Shema is the most reverent prayer
That a Jew can pray to God our Father
Sometimes there’s such a lack of reverence
It makes one think why do they even bother

There are Jewish scholars in the various sects
And an even greater amount of agnostic Jews
I can’t fathom especially those who are learned
Why they’re so unreceptive to God’s Good News

The Tenach or what’s known as the Book of Prophets
Was given to the prophets directly through God’s voice
It foretold of the coming of the Jewish Messiah Yershua
If they truly followed God’s Word this wasn’t a choice 

Their minds are closed and they choose not to believe
And God has chosen to put blinders on their eyes
For those who use the mind that God gave them
They’ll see the truth and won’t be in for a surprise

Many Jews think the New Covenant is a Christian book
It was actually written by Jewish Apostles of the Lord
I urge all who don’t know the Lord to open their minds
This would make the body of believers of one accord

We as believers all know that Yeshua will return one day
To bring destruction and desolation and defeat the devil
Life for us as we know it won’t be the same as it was
For God’s mercy will bring it to a whole new level

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