Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Let me tell you a beautiful story
I hope that you won’t find it odd
I spend each day just getting high
High on the love of Almighty God

A specific verse in the bible tells us that
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
But the spirit can overcome any situation
Just as long as it is the Lord that you seek

I’m inviting you to come and join my party
That will be filled with praise and prayer
You will receive blessings beyond measure
And the word of God that you’ll long to share

Let other lost souls hear the testimony
About how like me you love to get high
I pray that God’s Word becomes contagious
As the end of end days are drawing nigh



One of God’s greatest mysteries is time
The passing of the hours days and years
This process starts when you were born
Through your senior years as the end nears

When you were a young child
Time seemed to move so slow
Trips that you looked forward to
Took forever before you got to go

Years pass and you would start growing up
You wonder what it would be like to be older
Not realizing that when you do become an adult
There is a huge responsibility on your shoulder

Suddenly the years seem to go flying by
And your spare time seems to disappear
Things that you did take much longer now and
You start to think about when the end is near

You reminisce about the past
Knowing that you can’t go back
Those days seem like it was yesterday
And you have trouble keeping track

Then you make your way to heaven and
Realize that age was just a state of mind
God was giving you one of life’s lessons
To move forward leaving the past behind

He wanted you to get to know Him Before
The day that you would breath your last
Forsaking all of the ways of this world
For an eternity much better than the past

Sunday, January 24, 2010



To all of my relatives friends and readers::
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Although I’ve handed out a couple of hundred business cards with the site address and quite a few people have told me that they have visited the sight, I have not been able to determine how many. If you could join the site (NO COST) and leave 1 comment somewhere every time you visit, (hopefully a good one.) It will give me a general idea of the amount of hits until I’m able to come up with a better solution to get a hit count. THANKS.

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My wife had knee surgery four days ago
And I had surgery on my foot today
This poem is not about the calamity of walkers
It’s about God’s effect on what we do and say

When God is the first priority in your life
That’s when things begin to turn around
You can see the difference between right and wrong
Because your feet are solidly planted on the ground

One example of this is the relationship we share
If we have disagreements what we do is converse
You can’t let these things get out of control or else
The aftermath of the situation will only get worse

Don’t make your conversations one sided
I’m right and of course you’re wrong
You need to evaluate both sides objectively
These are things that will help you get along

Do you see the difference that it makes
When both of you put God first in life
Negatives will start to disappear and positives emerge
Letting you get back to being a loving husband and wife



As a child I went on fishing trips
Most of them were with my dad
At that point in my life it was
The greatest time I’d ever had

Before dad would let me fish all by myself
He taught me how to use the rod and reel
And that I’d know if I had one on the hook
Because it’s something that he said I’d feel

I sat there waiting very patiently but
My nervous stomach churned inside
I felt a jerk and quickly reeled it in
Unfortunately it was just the tide

I cast my line out once again
With all of the utmost speed
When it yanked again I pulled it in but
I had hooked clumps of thick seaweed

Once again I cast into the deep water
By now I really didn’t give a hoot
The next time that my line came up
I had hooked a size eight army boot

I was just about ready to give up
So I reeled it in and to my dismay
There was the biggest fish I’d ever seen
The largest one that was caught that day

The one thing that I learned from this
Is that no matter what gets in the fray
Be patient it will work out in the end
The goal that you seek is on the way

Sunday, January 17, 2010


What is Messianic Judaism?

As I promised in last week’s blog, I’m going to tell you about Messianic Judaism. But first, let me remind you that in order to post a comment, you must join the blog site. (see bottom of page.) As I have just started this site, I will probably post this same message again several times to be able to get responses from new viewers. THIS WEEK’S 2 POEMS FOLLOW THIS POSTING.

Messianic Judaism is Biblical Judaism from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation. The inherent word of God as it was given to His prophets and apostles.

The main difference between other branches of Judaism and Messianic Judaism, is that We know that Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name which means salvation) is the Jewish Messiah that was sent by God and sacrificed to absolve the sins of all mankind (Both Jew and Gentile (Christian) who accept Him as Messiah and the Son of God.

Unfortunately God has chosen to put blinders on the other branches of Judaism. But there is hope. God is removing the blinders of many Jewish people (like myself), every day but only in His time.
Other than that there is very little difference between Messianic and the other branches of Judaism. We observe all of the same holidays, traditions and customs of our faith. The one aspect that we do not follow is the Talmud. (rabbinical commentary on the Old Covenant) because it is just that; commentary and not the written word of God.

As Messianic Jews, we do not celebrate December 25th as Yeshua’s birthday. The exact month and day has never been established, although we have a general idea within a few months of the time. We do celebrate His resurrection, but again, not on Easter Sunday. Our spiritual year goes by the lunar calendar, which means that it could fall on any day of the week.

Another facet of Messianic Judaism, is that we are both Jew and Messianic Jewish Believers (Gentiles with the heart of Ruth) that worship and praise Messiah and Father God in the same way that He worshiped His Father in heaven.

I have tried to explain Messianic Judaism in the simplest way that I possibly could and although I have not gone into it in depth, I hope that it gives you somewhat of an understanding of my faith. It goes much deeper than my simple explanation and I welcome your comments that may follow. The Old Covenant is living proof of the New Covenant. It is a very Jewish thing to know your Jewish Messiah.



Here I am my Lord
Whatever you ask of me I will obey
I give more to You and less to myself
No matter what the time of day

Father I hear you calling me
Telling me the first thing I must do
Is to proclaim that Your Son Yeshua is
Messiah to both the Gentile and the Jew

He alone bore all of the sins of mankind when
He was nailed to a tree as a blood sacrifice
Only by professing Yeshua as Messiah can we
Come into Your Heaven Kingdom of Paradise

Hineni Lord God Hineni
Ask of me whatever You will and
Even though at times I may falter
I know that You will love me still

When I call Lord I need not shout
For I know that you are all around
I feel Your presence every day and night
And Your Mercy Love and Grace abound

The English translation of the Hebrew word Hineni is: Here am I.



The first was really a terrific experience
My parents taught me right from wrong
To be very polite and listen
And always try to get along

Number two was for growing up
And as a teenage boy I did rebel
But as that time came to a close
You really could not tell

Three was very formidable
It set the pattern for my life
I had a steady girlfriend
Who then became my wife

In the fourth decade I knew that
I’d teach my kids as I was taught
Just the way my parents had done
Without so much as a second thought

As decade number five flew by
My life had seen extreme content
All of my children were married
And I had thoughts of retirement

Number six was really extra special
Most of my children had given birth
Yes I became that spoiling grandpa
It was a joy of immeasurable worth

In seven things were winding down
Sadly I had lost my wife to cancer
Being distraught I didn’t know
Where to turn to find the answer

I knew decade eighth would be my last
I Sought God in praise prayer and song
Only to discover that He had been
Beside me in my journey all along

Sunday, January 10, 2010



It was the last game of the season
For good old Carter U.
Their opponent was a cross town rival
Minor College gold and blue

It has been a long time rivalry
Since the first time that they met
That’s really not the whole story
Because Carter ain’t won yet

They played each other very tough
As the first half came to a close
The coaches gave their team a pep talk
What they said though no one knows

The score remained tied at zero-zero
As the final minutes went fleeting by
Then Minor kicked a field goal
And their fans breathed with a sigh

Carter’s halfback took the final kickoff
And behind his blockers he began to run
Evading tackles he scored the winning touchdown
But it wasn’t over because the saga had just begun

"Hooray for the football hero he thought,
The man of the hour who had saved the day."
Then as he turned toward the cheering crowd
He knew that he ha run the opposite way



My first glimpse as I gaze up into the vastness of the heavenly sky
At its highest point I envision God sitting on His majestic throne
It had also became quite obvious
That He is also not up there alone

He is surrounded by thousands of angels
And the Messiah is sits at His right hand
It gives one’s self a feeling of peace and reassurance
Knowing that God is and always will be in command

I am a Messianic Jew

As I stated in the prelude to the Christmas poem that I wrote, I am a Messianic Jew. I hope that this title gets the attention of people who are unfamiliar with Messianic Judaism and those who say that you can’t be Jewish and believe in Messiah Yeshua. (Jesus Christ) In order to have this discussion, you must join my BLOG. (See bottom of this BLOG page) Although I don’t claim to be an expert on my faith, if there are any questions that I personally cannot answer, I will broach the subject to someone who is, to give you an answer. I look forward to these discussions. Also, there will occasionally be some Hebrew words within the poems. I will post the English translation to them below the poem.

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Every year we make new year’s resolutions
For the most part they are hard to follow
Such as going on a very strict diet
That’s a real hard pill to swallow

Exercise is another one that’s hard to keep
Even though you have a membership to a gym
If you’re unable to keep up with your diet
How could you expect to get fit and trim

What about the one to quit smoking
You know that you really should
But there they are when you get stressed
Even though you know that they’re not good

Oh yes we also vowed to give up drinking
They say you shouldn’t drink and drive
The one good thin that comes out of this
Is the blessibg that you’re still alive

One resolution that you should always keep
Is a promise to the Lord when you make it
He promised that He’d give you eternal life and
I don’t think that you’d want Him to break it


God’s Economy

In this time when the economy is gloomy
Are you looking up into the heavenly sky
Because you know that in God’s economy
There’s no recession and will go passing by

Do you put your complete trust in Him
If not I tell you that you really should
Yeshua gave His life so that you can live
Trusting if you believer that you always would

If you do this He will never leave you
Oh sure your life will have a highs and low
But because you faithfully do His bidding
God is with you everywhere that you go

In the end you already know that
Your reward will be oh so grand
You will posses an eternal mansion
In the glory of God’s Promise Land