Sunday, October 31, 2010



At the very moment of my darkest hour oh Lord
It looked like I had reached the end of my rope
I clung to God in prayer with all of my strength
For He is my salvation and in You there is hope

My prayers were answered just as God promised
By faith He has helped me turn my life around
I had no doubts or fears when I sought Your help oh Lord
For I knew that on the rock I am planted in solid ground

You gave your life to absolve me of my sins and now
In You my past troubles are no longer even a memory
Here and now I will forever be Your faithful servant
Let Your Holy Spirit tell me what I can do for Thee

Return soon Lord and bring us Your Shalom
Then lead us to Your Kingdom of Eternal Life
To abide in mansions that You have provided
Where tranquility replaces all illness and strife



I can not quote a lot of scriptures from the bible
But the Holy Spirit gives me the words to write
Based on what the written word of God tells us
I pray that it will lead many to seek God’s light

Once you have digested the written word of God
You may know exactly where in the bible to turn
If not just inquire of someone who studies it a lot
This shows that you are willing and eager to learn

Should you find exactly what you have been searching for
But the passage is far more detailed than what you’ve read
Perhaps you should hide the words deep within your heart
So that this way you will always keep your hungry spirit fed

Sunday, October 24, 2010



When we are called by God to Heaven
There are many keys that fit the gate
But there is only one that will open it
Search your heart it's not too late

The key that fits is in Messiah
There's absolutely no exception
For it is only through Yeshua
That you will find redemption

Once inside there are numerous other doors
The right one shows if you are least or most
The biggest key is the one of righteousness
That is where you'll find the Lord of Hosts

Whatever troubles were in your past
In the Spirit you've been born again
Live Eternal Life by the examples
That were set by the son of man

As you unlock each of the doors
I know that you are of good cheer
And should you find a door that will not open
Take heart for God still knows that you are here



There once was a young maiden
Who had hair that was very long
The king put her in a prison tower
Because she refused to sing a song

A handsome prince came riding by
And saw the plight of the maiden fair
He asked what he could do to rescue her
She told him to climb the rope of her long hair

Now how do we get down from here
He pondered this for about an hour
Perhaps we should cut your hair and tie it
Then we could escape this dungeon tower

So he cut it off and they climbed down
They mounted his horse and rode away
When the king found out he was furious
But that’s another story for another day

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GOD 1 - satan 0

GOD 1 – satan 0

I am just a speck in God’s creation
Yet He knows every speck on earth
If He hadn’t removed my blindfold
Life as it was would have little worth

Each day He shows me new things
That Yeshua brought into my life
One example is a Godly woman
Who has since become my wife

He blesses me with the words that I write
And has shown me many different ways
That I may serve and give glory to God
For the remainder of my earthly days

Messiah’s blood has cleansed me
He has stripped all my sins away
But satan tempts in all ways of the world
Sin crosses my path each and every day

When I see these things come upon me
I rebuke them in the Lord’s name
I do my best to live as God asks by letting
The devil know that I won’t play his game

Then I ask forgiveness from Father God
For the sins I’ve not gotten under control
I thank Him daily for each breath I take
For the Lord my God is the keeper of my soul

GOD 1 - satan

GOD 1 - satan



For those of you who may not know me
For the last ten years I’ve been legally blind
It has been somewhat of a process of frustration
That makes many things so hard to find

I dropped some medication on the floor
My main concern was for my pets
For if they found and swallowed them
I would be filled with severe regrets

Still upset I accidentally knocked
A picture off of the hallway wall
Fortunately for me it didn’t break
It still made me feel so very small

I poured ketchup on my fries
I knew that it had a spout
Would you believe that when I squeezed it
I practically emptied the bottle out

The day went on and it didn’t stop
I misplaced my lunchtime medication
There just doesn’t seem to be an end
To this tumultuous frustration

It’s difficult even though I know
That God can fix anything that breaks
I must learn to trust Him always
No matter how often I make mistakes

Sunday, October 10, 2010



God and man and woman is
What it takes to make a marriage
If God is left out of this equation
The other two will cause it to be disparaged

With Godly faith and oneness in each other
There’s no telling what goals are reachable
God will prosper the lives that they share
Because the both of them are teachable

And if there is a problem that arises
They can turn to the Lord and pray
Unless He sees that their faith is waning
The Lord will make the problem go away

It takes a lot of work from the couple
To forge a marriage that is safe and strong
Love each other and God will bless you for it
Because He knew what the solution w



On a clear day not long ago
They sent a rocket into space
And since man’s landing on the moon
Are all these other flights a waste

Oh sure we’re bound to learn much more
But have we thought about the cost
Is it really worth the money
When you think of all we’ve lost

Just think of all that could be done
With that enormous wealth
Curing sickness and disease
Restoring millions back to health

Or what about the very poor
Who all but starve most every day
Yet, when you come right down to it
It’s we who have to pay

The welfare rolls are full of those
Who could just as easily work
But that would be the harder way
It’s much easier to shirk

Why can’t we live in a placid world
You do your share and I’ll do mine
It really can’t make things much worse
And might even restore mankind

For without sickness and hunger
We could strive for other gains
And maybe go back into space
To see what mysteries it contains

Somehow though, this will never be
Blame the rich, as well as the poor
The poor, content to live that way
The rich just squeezing to make more

In summing up the argument
Let’s let the heavens be
And concentrate right here on earth
On problems that we all can see

But on the other hand again
What good would come of that day
With pollution bad and getting worse
We’d need another place to stay

It becomes a vicious cycle
Like a top going round and round
Now let’s just stop and think a bit
There is an answer to be found

In other words, what’s really said
Is what’s to be is to be
For only one among us
Controls our destiny

And He will judge our fate
In heaven or below
Just how we feel about all this
Might well depend which way we go

So let the poor not lift a hand
And let the rich make more
You’ll know if you were right or not
When you see who opens up the door

And if you’re wrong and never know
What’s truth and what is not
It makes for little difference
And will all soon be forgot

The world we know will never change,
For no one man is all the same
If that’s the way it all evolves
Then just who really is to blame

The answer comes when you turn to God
And so it’s best we should
For only through the Lord my friend
Is where all find peace and brotherhood

Sunday, October 3, 2010



Let me tell you a story
Believe me it is true
God knows your every though
It's happened to us and perhaps to you

Many times on the way to Worship services
We know that our conversation has been heard
For when the Rabbi gives his sermon
What we've discussed is in his word

Even though his message is for many
God is showing us what we need to do
We know that His word is always right
Because we listen and follow through

Trust in the Lord in all things
Man will just string you along
For when you follow what God's decrees
He knows that your faith in Him is strong



I have an extremely interesting hobby
It’s collecting coins that are worldwide
The ones that I’ve gathered over time
Have brought me a great sense of pride

It consists of over seven thousand pieces from
Four hundred countries with a slight twist
Although I have the coins from them
These countries no longer exist

I’m not in it for their monetary value
Though some of them are worth a bit
There is a history behind every coin
And that’s the reason that I’m into it

Besides the history lesson that each coin reveals
Perhaps some famous person handled one or two
It could have been Napoleon Ghandi or Lincoln
There may be so many and I’ve just named a few

I’ll continue to collect them
Until the day that I am gone
Then I’m passing them to my grandson
Hoping that he will carry my hobby on