Wednesday, August 27, 2014



I was blessed to have an older daughter
Sadly she passed away at age forty seven
Even though she didn’t know the Lord
I still believe that she’s gone to heaven

No one knows what happens after we pass away
But extra chances are something that God Gives
Her new home where she now eternally resides
Surely must be in heaven with God where she lives

I also have a daughter that is six years younger
One who I love beyond the day that I pass away
She’s the epitome of all a father could wish for
Who loves what she does on any given day

Natalie was extremely smart at a very young age
A quality that her younger sister possessed as well
Both of them leaning toward an educational career
How far it would take them only time would tell

As a child Natalie was always a wealth of curiosity
Looking for the answer to things she didn’t know
One of the many things that made her who she was
Throughout her entire life as she continued to grow

Getting her Bachelors in three and Masters in one
Teaching was something she always wanted to do
But striving even higher to become a principal
Accomplishing this in an extremely short time too

She got married in her first year of teaching
Taking three leaves of absence to have a family
Three beautiful children that she helped to raise
My grandchildren who mean everything to me

And now that my daughter no longer with us
I have many wonderful memories to recall
Memories to last for the rest of my lifetime
That at any moment’s notice I can recall



Through the blood of God’s Only Perfect Lamb
Blind Faith would lead many to their Salvation
The ecstasy that it brings to each one’s Soul
Allows us to pray to God with joy and jubilation

Yeshua was hung on a tree obeying what Father God Commanded
Resurrected He gave His Disciples the power of the Holy Spirit
Who passed it on to believers of that time and those in the future
Allowing them to talk to the Lord directly and He’d always hear it

Before I received my Completion in my Jewish Messiah
I wondered why the Gentiles always looked so cheerful
It’s because they’ve turned away from the ways of the world
While still exposing unbelievers to the Lord’s Spiritual Earful

Preaching the Gospel of Salvation to unbelievers who will listen
Showing them that at the end of the tunnel that God is in sight
The satisfaction that comes from what Believers are doing
Brings forth the most pleasant aroma to the Lord’s delight

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Do you want to receive Salvation from the Lord
If you say yes it’s an extremely simple thing to do
Just accept Yeshua into your heart as your Savior
Profess your sins and become a creation born anew

It’s a one way ticket to heaven when you pass away
A life for eternity with God and Messiah Yeshua
There will be no more sickness doubts or fears and
A resting place to store your treasures that are pure

Along with these blessings comes a responsibility
Earning the Godly Treasures that you’ll store
You’ve also become one of the Lord’s Vessels
The Lord has given you the ability to do more

It’s a process that I gave the name the three T’s
Tithe faithfully letting Him use your talent and time
To glorify the majesty of the God with many names
Who is Omnipotent Omnipresent and sublime



Lord I humble myself before You and bow down
I give thanks for showing me the error of my ways
Not to do things on my own without listening to you
Yesterday as I gave You Glory Honor and Praise

For a few years now I thought you gave me the
Idea to do spiritual readings at houses of worship
A couple of times the idea never came to fruition
That was because I never got Your Permission Slip

Last night’s congregation talent show was the clincher
My one eye was week and the poems were hard to read
The message was there but the words came out stumbling
This was surely a message that you wanted me to heed

Lord I humbly bow down complying with your wishes
When and if the timing is right You’ll let me know
I pray that You won’t take away the gift I’ve been given
That enables both myself and my readers in You to grow

Thursday, August 14, 2014



Have you ever asked yourself the question
In today’s world how will I be able to cope
I’m coming back to you with the only answer
The Lord our God Yeshua is our only hope

As believers it’s something that we should all know
But situations may dictate that I remind you again
So to those who have forgotten His Saving Grace
Please reiterate this verse with a shout of AMEN

To those who don’t know or believe in the Lord
This poem was written as much for your sake
By accepting Yeshua as your Lord and Salvation
It’s the greatest decision that you’ll ever make

How do you go about receiving God’s Salvation
I’ll explain what you need to do in the verses below
All it takes is a simple step of faith and I promise
That as God’s new creation you’ll continue to grow

Just repeat the words that I wrote underneath
Lord, I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You
I accept Yeshua into my heart as my Salvation
God’s angels are glowing with excitement too

See what a very simple confession that was
But your process isn’t quite over just yet
There are more things you need to know
And as you’re learning you’ll never forget

I can’t and wouldn’t tell you all that there is
As you learn you’ll want to know even more
I can tell you through a personal experience
Look forward to whatever God has in store

There’s just one thing that Yeshua is asking of you
If for the very first time you declared that prayer
He wants me to know I’ve done what He’s asked
There are two ways to communicate to me there

After each poem there’s a place to make a comment
You need to join the site but there’s no cost involved
Or email me at the site listed on the right in my bio
So God’s way to share your blessing will be resolved



God had kept me writing Spiritual poetry to my readers
If I’ve reach just one person pointing them in His direction
I’ve been obedient to the task that the Lord has given to me
And they’re blessed to be under the Wings of God’s Protection

Everything I write is given on to me through God’s Holy Spirit
There are all sorts of needs out there that God wants me to address
Foremost is a need for them to know Yeshua Their Personal Messiah
The next mission is to comfort those who may sick or depressed

You may think that I have the skill to write all of these verses
After all I’ve been writing poetry much more than sixty years
Everything Spiritual except for some which are personal to me
Given to me by God and have brought me many joyful tears

And even that particular poem that is titled ”Inspiration”
When I was writing dumb kids poems as youngsters often do
I believe that in God’s time He was providing a path for my future
To be His Vessel bringing salvation and comfort to each of you

But I still really need your input as to how I can reach you or others
There’s the need to know Yeshua or you may have an emotional need
To do this you must contact me through this site or my email address
Also listed on the site and I’ll try to assist you all done at God’s Speed

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



This week's mid week musing was read to me by an acquaintance. It was written by her father. I was so impressed by the poem that I asked her to send it
 to me, so that I could post it as coming from a visiting poet.
The Wall

I took a walk to the Wall last night,
They call it the Western or Wailing Wall.
It’s just a jig-saw piece of masonry,
But it’s the most famous one of all.

It was big and bold and frightening,
And when you thought of millions of men:
Who over the years, tread these same steps
To unburden their souls again and again.

But when I stepped up to the Wall,
And lay my head against that cold stone,
A chill of such magnitude came over me:
I knew I was not out there alone.

I felt that something was very different:
That I was never going to be the same.
I felt a great change come over me,
And I knew not just the Wall was to blame.

And I did find out the very next day,
And no one was more surprised.
My friends told me that I was going
To the River Jordan and be Baptized.

I now realize what I had found
At the famous old Wailing Wall.
I had found myself and my Saviour
I had found my life, my future, my all.

And tho’ I shall never be worthy
Of the price He has paid for me.
I know I must try to repay somehow,
From now and ‘till all eternity.

            - By Harold S. Reigle