Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Through the blood of God’s Only Perfect Lamb
Blind Faith would lead many to their Salvation
The ecstasy that it brings to each one’s Soul
Allows us to pray to God with joy and jubilation

Yeshua was hung on a tree obeying what Father God Commanded
Resurrected He gave His Disciples the power of the Holy Spirit
Who passed it on to believers of that time and those in the future
Allowing them to talk to the Lord directly and He’d always hear it

Before I received my Completion in my Jewish Messiah
I wondered why the Gentiles always looked so cheerful
It’s because they’ve turned away from the ways of the world
While still exposing unbelievers to the Lord’s Spiritual Earful

Preaching the Gospel of Salvation to unbelievers who will listen
Showing them that at the end of the tunnel that God is in sight
The satisfaction that comes from what Believers are doing
Brings forth the most pleasant aroma to the Lord’s delight

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