Thursday, August 14, 2014



God had kept me writing Spiritual poetry to my readers
If I’ve reach just one person pointing them in His direction
I’ve been obedient to the task that the Lord has given to me
And they’re blessed to be under the Wings of God’s Protection

Everything I write is given on to me through God’s Holy Spirit
There are all sorts of needs out there that God wants me to address
Foremost is a need for them to know Yeshua Their Personal Messiah
The next mission is to comfort those who may sick or depressed

You may think that I have the skill to write all of these verses
After all I’ve been writing poetry much more than sixty years
Everything Spiritual except for some which are personal to me
Given to me by God and have brought me many joyful tears

And even that particular poem that is titled ”Inspiration”
When I was writing dumb kids poems as youngsters often do
I believe that in God’s time He was providing a path for my future
To be His Vessel bringing salvation and comfort to each of you

But I still really need your input as to how I can reach you or others
There’s the need to know Yeshua or you may have an emotional need
To do this you must contact me through this site or my email address
Also listed on the site and I’ll try to assist you all done at God’s Speed

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