Wednesday, August 27, 2014



I was blessed to have an older daughter
Sadly she passed away at age forty seven
Even though she didn’t know the Lord
I still believe that she’s gone to heaven

No one knows what happens after we pass away
But extra chances are something that God Gives
Her new home where she now eternally resides
Surely must be in heaven with God where she lives

I also have a daughter that is six years younger
One who I love beyond the day that I pass away
She’s the epitome of all a father could wish for
Who loves what she does on any given day

Natalie was extremely smart at a very young age
A quality that her younger sister possessed as well
Both of them leaning toward an educational career
How far it would take them only time would tell

As a child Natalie was always a wealth of curiosity
Looking for the answer to things she didn’t know
One of the many things that made her who she was
Throughout her entire life as she continued to grow

Getting her Bachelors in three and Masters in one
Teaching was something she always wanted to do
But striving even higher to become a principal
Accomplishing this in an extremely short time too

She got married in her first year of teaching
Taking three leaves of absence to have a family
Three beautiful children that she helped to raise
My grandchildren who mean everything to me

And now that my daughter no longer with us
I have many wonderful memories to recall
Memories to last for the rest of my lifetime
That at any moment’s notice I can recall

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