Tuesday, August 12, 2014



This week's mid week musing was read to me by an acquaintance. It was written by her father. I was so impressed by the poem that I asked her to send it
 to me, so that I could post it as coming from a visiting poet.
The Wall

I took a walk to the Wall last night,
They call it the Western or Wailing Wall.
It’s just a jig-saw piece of masonry,
But it’s the most famous one of all.

It was big and bold and frightening,
And when you thought of millions of men:
Who over the years, tread these same steps
To unburden their souls again and again.

But when I stepped up to the Wall,
And lay my head against that cold stone,
A chill of such magnitude came over me:
I knew I was not out there alone.

I felt that something was very different:
That I was never going to be the same.
I felt a great change come over me,
And I knew not just the Wall was to blame.

And I did find out the very next day,
And no one was more surprised.
My friends told me that I was going
To the River Jordan and be Baptized.

I now realize what I had found
At the famous old Wailing Wall.
I had found myself and my Saviour
I had found my life, my future, my all.

And tho’ I shall never be worthy
Of the price He has paid for me.
I know I must try to repay somehow,
From now and ‘till all eternity.

            - By Harold S. Reigle

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