Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Do you want to receive Salvation from the Lord
If you say yes it’s an extremely simple thing to do
Just accept Yeshua into your heart as your Savior
Profess your sins and become a creation born anew

It’s a one way ticket to heaven when you pass away
A life for eternity with God and Messiah Yeshua
There will be no more sickness doubts or fears and
A resting place to store your treasures that are pure

Along with these blessings comes a responsibility
Earning the Godly Treasures that you’ll store
You’ve also become one of the Lord’s Vessels
The Lord has given you the ability to do more

It’s a process that I gave the name the three T’s
Tithe faithfully letting Him use your talent and time
To glorify the majesty of the God with many names
Who is Omnipotent Omnipresent and sublime

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