Thursday, August 14, 2014



Have you ever asked yourself the question
In today’s world how will I be able to cope
I’m coming back to you with the only answer
The Lord our God Yeshua is our only hope

As believers it’s something that we should all know
But situations may dictate that I remind you again
So to those who have forgotten His Saving Grace
Please reiterate this verse with a shout of AMEN

To those who don’t know or believe in the Lord
This poem was written as much for your sake
By accepting Yeshua as your Lord and Salvation
It’s the greatest decision that you’ll ever make

How do you go about receiving God’s Salvation
I’ll explain what you need to do in the verses below
All it takes is a simple step of faith and I promise
That as God’s new creation you’ll continue to grow

Just repeat the words that I wrote underneath
Lord, I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You
I accept Yeshua into my heart as my Salvation
God’s angels are glowing with excitement too

See what a very simple confession that was
But your process isn’t quite over just yet
There are more things you need to know
And as you’re learning you’ll never forget

I can’t and wouldn’t tell you all that there is
As you learn you’ll want to know even more
I can tell you through a personal experience
Look forward to whatever God has in store

There’s just one thing that Yeshua is asking of you
If for the very first time you declared that prayer
He wants me to know I’ve done what He’s asked
There are two ways to communicate to me there

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So God’s way to share your blessing will be resolved

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