Saturday, August 22, 2015


To my viewers:
For the next 2 weeks I will be vacationing with family and friends. I will not be posting. If you would like, you can always go into my archives to read past poems that go back over 5 years, or go into my bio where it shows where to purchase my book of poetry for $5 plus shipping.
                                                                                                                     Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

Thursday, August 20, 2015



All the people of the earth seek
Salvation in one way or another
That day will come in God's Time when
We see each other as sister and brother

We are all children of the Living God
A fact that many people do not know
True believers still confess daily sins although
Messiah's Blood cleansed them white as snow

Those who believe in God                 
But don't accept His Son
In God's Time their eyes will be opened
And they'll worship Israel's Holy One

Then there are the atheists and idol worshipers
Who utter "Oh God" when they have troubles
Statues won't answer and atheists are confused
For the Living God has burst their bubbles

Yeshua will return riding on a cloud
Then all people will proclaim,
"Blessed is He who comes
In the Lord’s Holy Name"

Into God's Kingdom He will lead them
The souls of His Children will be free
New Jerusalem will now be their home
In the forever timelessness of eternity



The seasons come upon us
Each one seems to be unique
The weather changes frequently
Day by day and week by week

The first one to come upon us is Spring
And the pleasantness of what it brings
The grass turns green and flowers bloom
This is the time when the robin sings

Then comes Summer and the heat
A great time for swimming in the pool
If the air conditioning breaks go buy a fan
There's more than one way to keep cool

Next comes the season of Autumn
It is also called fall if you please
When all the leaves get raked into piles
And scatter all over at the slightest breeze

The last one that comes is the Winter
And depending on where you reside
It's either too hot or much too cold but
The temperature is much better inside

The seasons are a never ending cycle
Perhaps you may sit and ponder why
Then another month has come and gone
And another year has passed you by

Thursday, August 13, 2015



I saw a picture in the paper of
Two soldiers in the war against Sadam
In the upper left hand corner
Facing opposite was a lamb

Now you can view this photo
Anyway that you choose
As for me I see it is a sign of
A war that we would not lose

I see the lamb as the Lamb of God
Who is protecting them from the fear
They do not see Him as they face the front
Yet I think they know they need not fear

God walks with them all the way
And yet many of them will fall
And though you grieve for those who die
Understand they have gotten a higher call

Pray to God for the troops safe return
To this great land where freedom rings
And also pray pray for our enemies
Are saved and witness to the King of Kings