Thursday, August 6, 2015



All things are made possible through Messiah Yeshua
God told me that I had made the right choice
He speaks to me through the Holy Spirit
In a gentle yet firm soft spoken voice

I follow in His footsteps
Doing the very best I can
Yet sometimes I may falter
For I am just the flesh of man

But my sins were all forgiven
When our Lord hung on a tree
His blood was the cleansing that
Set the sins of all mankind free

Use me as You would my Lord
There is but one thing that I yearn
And that’s to see You face to face
When the shofar blast signals your return

I bow before You and the Father
Obeying all that you command
Life eternal is what You promised
One of many things You’ve planned

New Jerusalem will be my home
Free of turmoil and free from fear
For I am part of Your Etz Chaim
And forever I can draw You near

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