Thursday, August 13, 2015



I’m overly exited and filled with great joy
About the birth of a very special baby boy
His parents gave Him the name Yeshua
Which means Salvation through Adonai

It happened over two thousand years ago
But we really don’t know the exact day
So the Emperor Constantine chose one
Which Believers still celebrate anyway

All believers in Yeshua except the Messianic Jew
Who believe that His Birth was in another season
While we believe in who He Is we don’t celebrate
The date that was selected for a political reason

He grew up worshiping in the local synagogue
As an adult Yeshua would spread God’s Word
For He was truly God’s Son in a human form
Spreading the truest word of God you ever heard

He was accused of heresy and hung on a tree
On it was written the words King of the Jews 
He rose from the dead on day number three
To spread to the world the awesome good news

It was Father God’s Decision that Yeshua died 
It would set the Sins of believing mankind free
It’s my belief as a Messianic Jew that it was also
The Sanhedrin’s way of saving their jobs you see

For if they declared Him to be who He said He was
They would lose their wealth power and position
Passed on to this day through the rest of Judaism
We know this to be an extremely bad decision

Before He returned to be at Father God’s Side
He gave His disciples the power of the Holy Spirit
They spread it to Jews and grafted in Gentiles
So that all of mankind could hear and revere it

Yeshua gave believers the power of the Holy Spirit
His Vessels bring many Jews and others to belief
It’s not only about the Trinity of Father God but
It’s another way to keep satan from being a thief

So now that you’ve heard the story in my version
Salvation is there for every person who wants it
The Lord God said that you shall know the truth
And it will set you free as soon as you receive it

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