Sunday, July 29, 2012



There’s a still small voice that’s within you
That seems to give you a sense of direction
To some it is called a conscience but in reality it’s
God’s Holy Spirit and is there for your protection

Unless you truly know the Lord through Salvation
Very often your conscience makes the wrong decision
But if God’s Holy Spirit is truly within in your heart
You’ll do the right things thanks to this holy incision

You can go about making this drastic change in your life
It’s simple and something that even a young child can do it
First you need to ask the Lord to forgive you of your sins
Then accept Yeshua as Messiah into your heart to renew it

Now that you have the Holy Spirit in your heart to guide you
Through it God will show you if a decision is wrong or right
It’s a blessing to know He‘s looking out for your best interest
And no matter what God is right beside you day and night



There are numerous way that a person finds Salvation
Many Christians have known the Lord from their youth
Others although they may have attended church regularly were
Young adults before knowing and understanding God’s Truth

Some of them were even much older
And others finally saw God’s Light
When they had a catastrophe in life and realize
That only Godly faith could make things right

God has cursed the Jewish People with blinders
Because they do not believe His Written Word
Although each day many come to know the Lord
Finally believing what they have read or heard

The bible says that the Gentile will make them jealous
Their eyes will be opened to see the truth of God’s Light
Thus bringing Salvation to God’s Chosen one at a time
Proving that everything that He has decreed is right

But Salvation in the Lord only comes
On God’s timetable from heaven above
Yet when it does come one thing for sure
Is that He’s sending it with all His Love

Sunday, July 22, 2012



I normally try to post as early as possible on Sunday, but I just got home. Over the last 5 days I’ve been hospitalized twice. The first, which the Lord told ne to write about in today’s first poem, I had a large stint put into the artery on the right side of my heart. I came home & went back in with discomfort in the same area turned out to be arthritis in the neck. The Dr. released me at 9 A.M. pending the above results. I did not get released until 8:30 P.M. That’s my apology and here are this week’s two poems.



There is no such thing as a coincidence
It’s actually The Lord’s intervention
He determines each movement of our day
Our fate is decided by Divine intention

Every situation that occurs is different
Yet the only one I can attest to is mine
I wasn’t sure just how bad things were
So I believe what is to follow was Divine

Sadly because I suffer from severe arthritis pain
I thought of what had happened a few nights ago
After sleeping a few hours the pain still persisted
We decided the E.R. was where we needed to go

The staff took a whole lot of blood to do testing
The tests didn’t show that anything was wrong
They persisted knowing I had a heart condition
And saw that there was a huge blockage all along

Needless to say they fixed the serious problem
Or I wouldn’t be writing you this poetic story
I knew that the Lord has more in store for me
And I Praise His Holy Name Honor and Glory

Everything that you read here was given to me by God
He‘s allowed me to spread the Good News of His Son
Who died so that all who believe could receive Salvation
The words that you see celebrate the victory that He won

So as you can see there’s no such thing as a coincidence
And if you don’t already know the Lord He wants you to
This poem invites you to Accept Yeshua as your Messiah
It’s an open invitation to both the Gentile and the Jew

It’s the only way that you will get to be in heaven
To receive the Lord’s reward of an eternal life
Giving daily Praise to God the Father and Messiah who
Have blessed you to be free of all sickness pain and strife

So just say, “Lord, I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You and
Ask your forgiveness accepting Yeshua as my Messiah into my heart.”
When you repeat this phrase before God your Father
It guarantees that your life will have a brand new start




I had entered the hospital thinking that
I‘d be receiving a heart cauterization
Only to find that I had come there
For a much more serious hospitalization

I learned that I would need a quadruple bypass
And decided that I’d trust in the surgeon’s skill
As his hands will be guided by the Lord above
And whatever the outcome it is God’s Will

So many people were keeping me in prayer
And I knew that if God’s choice for me is life
I’ll continue to share the Good News of Messiah
With the help of my Godly and loving wife

But if the Lord chooses to give me that final call
To the mansion in my heavenly home above
It’s a place where I will watch over and protect
All of the people on earth that I so dearly love

As you can see by this last verse in the poem
God has chosen to give me some more time
To tell the world that the Lord is your Salvation
By putting it in a story form of words that rhyme

Sunday, July 15, 2012



There are some things in life which you must do
That will enable you to save your sinful Soul
Know God love God Believe and heed His Word
These are the things that will make you whole

There are some things in life that you must not do
Worship the devil curse God and disobey His laws
And yet these things are things that are among
The multitude of our every day human flaws

Learn to trust God and He will bless you
Trust satan and you’re headed for a fall
But if you do you won’t see what’s in store
Until God chooses to give you that final call

Look at the alternative when the Lord does call
A mansion in heaven free from sickness and strife
With the heavenly treasures that you’ve stored up
And the blessing of being with God for eternal life

If you truly know the Lord your God
Listen to that inner voice that’s calling
It’s God’s Holy Spirit that’s within you
Exactly what you need to keep from falling



The Lord has had His Hand upon us when
We’ve traveled through this great country
We marveling at His awesome creations
While we are also visiting with family

While traveling on this long journey
God’s Name is ever present on our lips
Knowing that for the praise we give Him
God will also bless our future trips

He’s blessed us with traveling mercy
On sunny days through fog and rain
We thank you Lord for this blessing
Always ending this prayer with an AMEN

Sunday, July 8, 2012



I bend my knees before the Lord
For He alone is my Salvation
My first allegiance is to God
For I am a part of His creation

God does not ask very much of us
Just to follow His Commandments and Laws
He knows that as humans we're not perfect
And is forgiving of our many flaws

He also told us that He's a jealous God
Serve and exalt Him with reverent fear
He alone is the only true living God and
In His time the others will all disappear

In life we are all to minister from the bible
Spreading the good news of Messiah His Son
Whose blood in death washed away total sin
For everyone professing belief in the Holy One

Messiah will come back one day
The New Covenant has told us so
And though we long for His return
The timing is only God's to know

From the East He will come at the shofar's blast
He will lead us back to the promised land
New Jerusalem God's Heavenly Kingdom
Each step was pre-destined and pre-planned

We may not completely understand it all
It is far beyond our comprehensive realm
Just to believe is a deep step of blind faith
Knowing that God our Father is at the helm

As I am now in the twilight of my life I pray that
I’ve accomplished what God has asked me to do
To bring both reading pleasure and awareness of
Messiah Yeshua to both the Gentile and the Jew

As I continue to minister to anyone who will listen I pray
That God continues to bless me with words that rhyme
But if the Lord calls me home I know that His book
Was is and always will be the best seller of all time



I don’t believe that I have a need to
Pursue any aspect of a claim to fame
For all I write comes from the Lord
And for this I bless His Holy Name

Being able to see what countries are viewing my poems
Tells me that God approves of the work that I’ve done
To spread the good news to those who are receptive to
The Salvation which God provides us through His Son

Yeshua lived a holy life as both God and man
Sacrificing His life to absolve you of your sins
Professing your belief in Him as your Messiah
Is the rebirth where your renewed life begins

Because of this the Lord will walk beside you
In whatever you do or where you choose to go
It’s God’s Gift to you of the Holy Spirit and
Another way to tell you that He loves you so

Although I can see the many countries
Which are visiting on my blog to view
I’m still not aware whether the words
God gives are is getting through to you

Perhaps God may be telling me that
It’s not my time and place to know
If not please write a comment on my blog
That you’ve been saved and are good to go

Sunday, July 1, 2012



Are you one to say that you are not
Responsible for your actions or deeds
Permit me to show you that you’re wrong
And to tell you how to fill those needs

The first thing that you will need to do is
Confess and ask forgiveness for your sins
Then by accepting Yeshua as your Messiah
This will be the day that your new life begins

If you are not convinced that He is the Messiah
Allow me to show you that you are incorrect
Throughout the Tenach it tells of His coming
To see this you will need both faith and intellect

New Covenant Scripture confirms the Old but
You will say that Yeshua did not fill them all
You’re right those that were unfulfilled will happen
When Yeshua returns and causes satan’s downfall

Both Covenants contain all of the answers to
Situations that may cause you to feel perplexed
When you accept Yeshua and are not ashamed
You will no longer need to ask what do I do next

As a newborn body in the Spirit
In time all of this will be revealed
Beyond your wildest expectations and
Your final destination has been sealed

Give the Lord your talents time and tithes
Minister to anyone that you see in need
They too will comfort in the Word of God and
Their deliverance will come all at God’s Speed

It’s not that there won’t see tribulation
God didn’t promised you a rose garden
If He brings you to it He’ll get you through it
Without causing your heavy heart to harden

When your time on earth has come to an end
Because God never promised you tomorrow
Treasure your mansion and Eternal Life in heaven
Which is free from all sickness pain and sorrow



This poem may be about me
It may even tell you who I am
From my past to my present
You will not need a diagram

I am not a man of wealth
My life is an open book
If it peaks your interest
Come in and take a look

I said that I’m not a wealthy man
But if the truth were to be told
I have the Lord within my heart and
That’s a blessing worth much more than gold

Because I am counted as one of God’s flock
He sought a wife for me that walked in His Light
And when my Savior chose to put her in my life
He knew that everything would turn out just right