Sunday, July 1, 2012



Are you one to say that you are not
Responsible for your actions or deeds
Permit me to show you that you’re wrong
And to tell you how to fill those needs

The first thing that you will need to do is
Confess and ask forgiveness for your sins
Then by accepting Yeshua as your Messiah
This will be the day that your new life begins

If you are not convinced that He is the Messiah
Allow me to show you that you are incorrect
Throughout the Tenach it tells of His coming
To see this you will need both faith and intellect

New Covenant Scripture confirms the Old but
You will say that Yeshua did not fill them all
You’re right those that were unfulfilled will happen
When Yeshua returns and causes satan’s downfall

Both Covenants contain all of the answers to
Situations that may cause you to feel perplexed
When you accept Yeshua and are not ashamed
You will no longer need to ask what do I do next

As a newborn body in the Spirit
In time all of this will be revealed
Beyond your wildest expectations and
Your final destination has been sealed

Give the Lord your talents time and tithes
Minister to anyone that you see in need
They too will comfort in the Word of God and
Their deliverance will come all at God’s Speed

It’s not that there won’t see tribulation
God didn’t promised you a rose garden
If He brings you to it He’ll get you through it
Without causing your heavy heart to harden

When your time on earth has come to an end
Because God never promised you tomorrow
Treasure your mansion and Eternal Life in heaven
Which is free from all sickness pain and sorrow

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