Sunday, July 15, 2012



There are some things in life which you must do
That will enable you to save your sinful Soul
Know God love God Believe and heed His Word
These are the things that will make you whole

There are some things in life that you must not do
Worship the devil curse God and disobey His laws
And yet these things are things that are among
The multitude of our every day human flaws

Learn to trust God and He will bless you
Trust satan and you’re headed for a fall
But if you do you won’t see what’s in store
Until God chooses to give you that final call

Look at the alternative when the Lord does call
A mansion in heaven free from sickness and strife
With the heavenly treasures that you’ve stored up
And the blessing of being with God for eternal life

If you truly know the Lord your God
Listen to that inner voice that’s calling
It’s God’s Holy Spirit that’s within you
Exactly what you need to keep from falling

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