Sunday, July 8, 2012



I don’t believe that I have a need to
Pursue any aspect of a claim to fame
For all I write comes from the Lord
And for this I bless His Holy Name

Being able to see what countries are viewing my poems
Tells me that God approves of the work that I’ve done
To spread the good news to those who are receptive to
The Salvation which God provides us through His Son

Yeshua lived a holy life as both God and man
Sacrificing His life to absolve you of your sins
Professing your belief in Him as your Messiah
Is the rebirth where your renewed life begins

Because of this the Lord will walk beside you
In whatever you do or where you choose to go
It’s God’s Gift to you of the Holy Spirit and
Another way to tell you that He loves you so

Although I can see the many countries
Which are visiting on my blog to view
I’m still not aware whether the words
God gives are is getting through to you

Perhaps God may be telling me that
It’s not my time and place to know
If not please write a comment on my blog
That you’ve been saved and are good to go

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