Sunday, July 22, 2012



There is no such thing as a coincidence
It’s actually The Lord’s intervention
He determines each movement of our day
Our fate is decided by Divine intention

Every situation that occurs is different
Yet the only one I can attest to is mine
I wasn’t sure just how bad things were
So I believe what is to follow was Divine

Sadly because I suffer from severe arthritis pain
I thought of what had happened a few nights ago
After sleeping a few hours the pain still persisted
We decided the E.R. was where we needed to go

The staff took a whole lot of blood to do testing
The tests didn’t show that anything was wrong
They persisted knowing I had a heart condition
And saw that there was a huge blockage all along

Needless to say they fixed the serious problem
Or I wouldn’t be writing you this poetic story
I knew that the Lord has more in store for me
And I Praise His Holy Name Honor and Glory

Everything that you read here was given to me by God
He‘s allowed me to spread the Good News of His Son
Who died so that all who believe could receive Salvation
The words that you see celebrate the victory that He won

So as you can see there’s no such thing as a coincidence
And if you don’t already know the Lord He wants you to
This poem invites you to Accept Yeshua as your Messiah
It’s an open invitation to both the Gentile and the Jew

It’s the only way that you will get to be in heaven
To receive the Lord’s reward of an eternal life
Giving daily Praise to God the Father and Messiah who
Have blessed you to be free of all sickness pain and strife

So just say, “Lord, I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You and
Ask your forgiveness accepting Yeshua as my Messiah into my heart.”
When you repeat this phrase before God your Father
It guarantees that your life will have a brand new start

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