Thursday, May 8, 2014



I have always had a love for God
But as a Jew didn’t know Messiah
A seed that was planted blossomed within me
And now my zealousness is like a raging fire

Thanks to God’s Written Word I’ve learned
That even in turmoil there is always hope
All that it takes is to let go and Let God
When you feel you’re at the end of your rope

With God we all have a one on one relationship
So no matter what problems may arise today
Reach up to the Lord in your Praises and Prayers
His hand with the answer will reach the rest of the

Satan will tempt you with all kinds of evil imaginable
Live your life knowing that God is in Total Control
Do this and the devil will become so frustrated
That his evil ways will never permeate your soul

Seek refuge in Our Lord Yeshua
For He alone is our Saving Grace
When God’s kingdom calls us home
We will see our Messiah face to face

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