Thursday, May 29, 2014



This poem is about the courage of my Grandson Jason
A lefty relief pitcher on his college baseball team
His mother had passed away suddenly this week
Somehow appearances aren’t always what they seem

He stayed with the team through the entire playoff
Seeing his courage the team played the same way
It’s something that his mom would have wanted
He came home for the funeral and back to play

Right now I’m at a stopping point within the poem
The Lord has and will handle it the rest of the way
It’s a good lesson from God on courage and fortitude
His mom had given him the courage and will to play

This may or may not be the last verse of the poem
From this point it’s totally in the Lord’s hands
Our thoughts and deeds pale in comparison to God
So we’ll just wait to see the unfolding of His plans

Well the Lord gave me the last verse of this poem
Jason’s team went on to win their conference title
Perhaps God has them going to the national playoff
What I do know is that He won’t let them get idle

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