Saturday, February 16, 2013



Let me ask you a personal question
Would you forsake the ones you love
If not allow me to rephrase the question
Why do so many forsake the Lord above

There’s more than one way that it happens
First many don’t believe who the Lord is
Even believers desecrate His Holy Name
Not understanding that final judgment is His

But the Lord is full of compassion
If you repent and confess your sins
He allows your slate to be wiped clean
At that point your renewed life begins

If you think first before you act
Satan can’t get the upper hand
When your walk is in Gods’ ways
The devil won’t ever understand

That doesn’t mean he will not keep trying
Satan can’t comprehend the meaning of no
By walking God’s straight and narrow path
His Spirit within you will continue to grow

When your time here on earth has ended
I know you’d rather be in a better place
Than to have to wallow in the pit of hell
In heaven you can see Yeshua face to face

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