Thursday, October 24, 2013



How do you think you’d handle being rejected
Different people handle it in a variety of ways
Some might say that it’s the other person’s loss
Others are sad and they let it effect their days

Yeshua was rejected but He had to move on
He said to the Father,” Not my will but thine.”
For the Lord was to be God’s Sacrificial Lamb
Although rejected He’d committed no crime

Yeshua’s fate had been foretold in the Old Testament
To profess Him as Lord brings completion or Salvation
And because He is a part of the tri-unity of God
He accepted His fate without the slightest hesitation

Yeshua drew His Last Breath so that yours would be blessed
Professing Him is your one way ticket to heaven and eternal life
So give this a lot of thought if rejection should come your way
If you truly know the Lord you’ve conquered rejection and strife

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